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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriates: settlement will not establish a political reality
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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriates: settlement will not establish a political reality

     The Israeli occupation authorities continue to change their colonial colonialism in the territory of the State of Palestine through various settlement methods and forms, by stepping up actions and measures to rob the occupied Palestinian territory, gradually biting it and eventually allocating it in favor of settlement, which is being done on a daily basis and aimed at Different areas of the occupied West Bank. In this context, the occupation authorities announced yesterday the seizure of 790 dunums of land in the Al-Maleh area in the northern Jordan Valley and villages south of Nablus City, with the aim of deepening the Judaization of the Jordan Valley and the construction of huge roads to facilitate the movement of settlers and linking settlements located in the south of Nablus city and central The West Bank and linked it also to the Israeli depth, encouraging Jewish families to reside in those settlements. In addition, the occupation distributed notices to a number of citizens in the town of Battir, west of Bethlehem, by evacuating their farmland and demolishing a number of water wells in that area. This is all associated with the continuing provocative attacks by settlers against Palestinian citizens, their land and property, as it happened yesterday when groups of extremist settlers attacked the village of Jibiya in Ramallah and al-Bireh and threw stones at citizens, injuring a number of them, as well as A young man from the village of Nahhalin, west of Bethlehem, was seriously injured as a result of being run over by a settler.


While condemning in the strongest terms the processes of deepening the settlement of all forms of colonialism, the Ministry affirms that the full American bias of the occupation and its policies encourages the occupation and provides it with the cover of its attempts to alter the legal, historical and demographic realities of the land Of the Occupied Palestinian territory in favour of his narrative, and in the occupation plans aimed at doubling the numbers of settlers in the occupied West Bank, especially after the administration of President Trump adopted the principle of peace on the basis of the reality imposed on the ground on the premise that the force establishes the right, and that the reality imposed by Israel's settlement and what it continues to impose is what the Trump administration will recognize as a reality that needs to be dealt with and accepted. It is a two-pronged conspiracy, one that works on the ground and another which embarks on this work, in clear contravention of international law.


The State of Palestine, with all its components, rejects this abusive principle and demands that the international community have enough courage and boldness to speak and defend the truth. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates will continue to work within its responsibilities in the face of these dangers and crimes against the Palestinian people, and will return to bring these crimes back to all the competent authorities, always affirming that force does not establish any right, no matter how far and wrong.


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