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The message of the Ministry is represented in contribution to raise up the Problem of the Palestinian people and their earnest political struggle to achieve the Palestinian national rights and objectives and to achieve peace in accordance with the international legality and the two-state solution based on 1967 border.

To serve all of this, it is necessary to conduct continuous diplomatic performance and create a generation of diplomats capable on disseminating the message.

The message is also represented earnest contribution to mitigate the suffer of the people to provide necessary support to economic development, to assist the damaged people and to provide necessary services for the Palestinian refugees ; it is also represented in playing our natural role in the Arab surrounding based on the centrality of the Palestinian Problem , in democratic interaction aiming to achieve unity and effectiveness of attitude, in developing the Arab League and is institutions, as well as playing our natural role together with our friends and the international community members , in contribution to support peace at regional and international level, to support and develop the United Nations and maintaining its role in the world and towards the Palestinian Problem, to achieve more democratization of international relations and to cultural field in our one world , and positive dealing with the international agenda and collective tasks assigned to society.

The message of the Ministry is also represented in rising up the position of the International Law and be committed to its rules and regulations including the United Nations Covenant, the International Humanitarian Law, and Human Rights Law in addition to international conventions and bilateral treaties and to work on reinforcing the dialogue of civilizations and culture of dialogue and peace.

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