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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: Trump threats will not exempt the international criminal from the trial of the killers of the child Abu Shalaf
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: Trump threats will not exempt the international criminal from the trial of the killers of the child Abu Shalaf

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the brutal repression by the occupying forces against unarmed Palestinian citizens participating in the return marches on the borders of the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the martyrdom of a child, Maysara Musa Ali Abu Shalaf, 15 years and the reality of scores of civilian casualties, and considers The ministry this bloody persecution of our people is an extension of the mentality of bullying the unbridled power of any law and principle that controls the political and military rulers of Tel Aviv, that colonial mentality is based on the lawlessness of Palestinian life and its disregard, and treats it as a goal of training and archery.  The occupation soldiers have already turned into mobile killing machines, as a clear translation of the culture of racism, hatred and extremism that has dominated the joints of the occupying Power, which has also transformed Israeli occupation soldiers and extremist terrorist elements into organized and itinerant criminal gangs and terrorists on the streets of the West Bank. And the gates and barriers of death in the entrances to Palestinian camps, towns and cities, as it happened yesterday in the village of Burin southwest of Nablus.


This escalation of extrajudicial executions against our people and without any justification derives encouragement, cover and immunity also from the positions of American President Trump and his open threats to the ICC, as if he is issuing more death sentences against the Palestinians, and at the same time denying them the right to complain to The competent international tribunals, in the most extreme attitudes and policies that are hostile to our people. The ministry demands that the UN Security Council pay for itself and protect its role in carrying out its legal and moral responsibility towards our people, breaking its silence towards field executions and taking legal measures to provide international protection to our people.  For its part, the Ministry will continue to follow up on all field executions and extrajudicial killings to place international criminal law to carry out its duties to hold accountable and hold the perpetrators of crimes against our people.


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