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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriate: confiscation of the right of Jerusalemites to build their land is a crime in accordance with international law
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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriate: confiscation of the right of Jerusalemites to build their land is a crime in accordance with international law

     The Israeli occupation authorities take full advantage of the most heinous exploitation and use it as an umbrella to deepen their open and comprehensive war on the national and humanitarian presence of our people in occupied Jerusalem and its environs, a war that encompasses the aspects of their lives, their steadfastness and all their ties, and focuses not only on stealing  and Judaize the land and sanctities also on working to change their identity both above and beyond, but also to demolish houses under flimsy pretexts and colonial arguments, and deprive them of construction and urbanization, as a cycle of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement by the occupying Power and its arms Various to empty the holy city of its natives. In this context, the Ministry considers that the refusal of the so-called "Planning and Construction Committee" in the municipality of occupation to approve 20 constructive requests for citizens of Jerusalem under the pretext of incomplete procedures, a serious escalation in the measures of occupation and its restrictions aimed at stifling Palestinian life in the holy city, by refusing Recognition of Palestinian citizens ' ownership of their land and homes, and confiscation of their right to construction, adequate housing and decent services.


The Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the confiscation of the fundamental rights of the Jerusalemites, including their right to construction, and also condemns the demolition of the homes of Palestinian citizens and their continuing installations throughout the country and their offer, which holds the Israeli Government fully responsible It is a direct result of this crime and its consequences, which it considers to be part of the collective punishments imposed on our people by the occupation authorities, and an attempt to empty the areas classified as Palestinian citizens, in order to facilitate the imposition of Israeli-colonial domination.


The ministry demands that the various human rights and humanitarian organizations quickly document this crime and its details, with a view to bringing it before the international courts as a matter for the Planning and Construction Committee in the municipality of occupation and those who support it from the official level. It also calls upon the international rapporteurs to shoulder their responsibilities towards the suffering of our people in Jerusalem and to confiscate their right to life and adequate housing, their right to build on their homeland and their right to enjoy all appropriate services, and calls upon them to deal with this issue with the utmost seriousness, follow-up and conduct investigations and report thereon to the Human Rights Council and relevant international organizations. At the same time, the Ministry will continue to engage with the High Commissioner for Human Rights in order to do its part to follow up this dossier in earnest.


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