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Netanyahu's non-Semitic statement paves the way for a new catastrophe for the Palestinian people
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Netanyahu's non-Semitic statement paves the way for a new catastrophe for the Palestinian people

     Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated his racist positions denying the presence of the Palestinian people on his homeland, saying: (Israel is not a state for all its citizens, it is the state of the Jewish people only), in a racial declaration of distinction, incitement and not Sami that contradicts fully with international law International humanitarian law and human rights principles fall into the category of anti-Semitic declarations and attitudes. The question is: what will happen to the Arab minority in Israel, which exceeds the 20% of the total population? What will be the fate of the Palestinians living in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, who are estimated to number 3 million, will they be deported on the pretext that this land Is it a Jew stop? Or will the "apartheid" regime be imposed on them? will their presence in their homeland be ignored? What is the position of the international community on all of this?


The attempts of the international community to reduce the seriousness of these statements and to claim that they are statements of electoral consumption only contradict what we know about Netanyahu's reality and his ideological and ideological background, which ignores the Palestinian presence and sees no place on this earth, and comes within this reality that has crossed Netanyahu has more than once expressed in his writings, statements and the heirs of his father regarding the Palestinian presence in the historic land of Palestine. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, we are still witnessing such unprecedented political decadence and a dubious international imprint, fearing the American whip or accusations of non-Semitism, which means that the world has been kidnapped by America and Israel under unprecedented international surrender, making our Palestinian people a permanent victim.  


     While condemning in the strongest terms Netanyahu's racist and non-Semitic statement, and warning of the seriousness of the consequences of such a inflammatory attitude, the Ministry wonders: where is U.S. president Donald Trump from these statements? Where are the European states that have adopted laws criminalizing anti-Semitism from such statements? Unless they consider anti-Semitism to be the monopoly of anti-Judaism, while anti-Palestinian Arabs and their cause, and the release of racist expressions against them, are acceptable in their laws. The Ministry calls on the world's honest voices to confront these racist and non-Semitic statements and not to silence them, and expose the reality of the rule of Israel and the fascist policy that they are implementing.


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