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Friedman Bragging of his Involvement in Occupation Crimes Will Not Protect Him from International Accountability.
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Friedman Bragging of his Involvement in Occupation Crimes Will Not Protect Him from International Accountability.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns, in the strongest terms, the words and statements of the Trump administration ambassador David Friedman in which he affirmed that (Israel will not give up Hebron as America will not cede the Statue of Liberty), in a clear embrace of the obscurantist Israeli ideology and its expansionist colonial policies, as Friedman is exaggerating his extremism when talking about the Statue of Liberty as the symbolism of independence and freedom are coupled with an expansionist colonial project that constitutes a real crime and targets Hebron.

It seems that Friedman always tries to prove that no one will precede him from the colonial extremists in his support of the ruling right in Israel and its expansionist colonization Judaizing projects, as he always brags about his accomplishment in the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state and transfer the embassy to it, and the trumps administration’s contributions to the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Syrian, and his continued encouragement to Netanyahu to take the step of annexing the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea and imposing Israeli law on the settlements, and he admits in his recent interview with the Hebrew media that this is an ideological and stable position that is not measured by the scale (money and Business) because he is aware of his opinion (to what extent this is important for Israel).

It also appears that Friedman established himself through representing the colonial interests of Israel and embodying the deal of the century with his hands, feet, and tongue, and this is not uncommon for him, as he participated in digging a Judaic tunnel in occupied East Jerusalem. Friedman and other US officials aligned with the occupation have always tried to cover up their participation in crimes against the Palestinian people, their lands, sanctities, and property through their conversations, either about peace or the Palestinian state, as measured by Friedman and Netanyahu. This time, he claims that Israel has expanded Area C in favor of the Palestinians, and it agrees to freeze the annexation of Area C for a period of four years, ignoring the massive settlement expansion operations and the open war on the Palestinian presence, rattling again when he says that (the principle is that the annexation does not exceed 50 % of Area (C), explaining the thoughts of the ruling Israeli right when it says (that he should get used to life with a Palestinian state that will emerge if the Palestinians turn to Canadians).

The Ministry asserts that Friedman's manipulation of words and pronouncements will not be able to conceal the extent of his involvement in the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinians, and the extent of his disregard for international law and international legitimacy and its decisions. The ministry calls on the international community and international officials to defend the international system that Friedman neglects, and it also calls on the UN Security Council to defend the remaining credibility of the United Nations in protecting and implementing its decisions.


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