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The Foreign Ministry Condemns the Organized Attack Against the European Union and Palestinian Civil Society Organizations.
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The Foreign Ministry Condemns the Organized Attack Against the European Union and Palestinian Civil Society Organizations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the State of Palestine condemned the organized and systematic attack of the Israeli occupation authority, its tools and their false accusations against the European Union and its efforts to protect human rights in Palestine, and its support for Palestinian civil society organizations, as well as the operations of intimidation and extortion that practiced against these national organizations that defend human rights, and declares that it stands with it.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that the main purpose of this campaign is to weaken and silence the voices of human rights defenders in Palestine, and the work of civil society organizations and leaderships that reveals the systematic and widespread crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation, which calls for altering funding these organizations which  blinds the truth that it monitors and warns against the continuation of the crimes of the Israeli occupation, especially in light of the intentions of the current Israeli government to annex Palestinian lands in clear violation of the rules of consensus, international law, and the United Nations Charter.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its support for the European Union, and its institutions for supporting the Palestinian people and civil society organizations, and for their role in preserving international law, its institutions and system in facing the occupation and its agents who are working to undermine this system. The Foreign Ministry stressed that the funding of the occupation, its settlements, and its settlers must be stopped, as well as the support for the Israeli colonial system in the occupied land of the State of Palestine should be stopped, rather tan stopping the civil society organizations that witness and monitor the crimes of the occupation. The Foreign Ministry indicated that Israel's targeting of these organizations is directly caused by the role of these organizations in working hard to hold the occupation and its supporters accountable for their crimes and to reveal the ugly face of the occupation, and its truth as a colonial and immoral occupation, led by a group of war criminals.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the European parliaments and institutions and all countries of the world to reject the campaign of incitement, false accusations, and intimidation against the European Union and Palestinian human rights organizations and other actors in civil society, and it requested the member states of the European Union and the international community to align themselves with human rights, activate international accountability mechanisms and take a set of deterrent measures for Israel, the illegal occupation authority, against its crimes and practices, intimidation and unethical blackmail, and to put in place punitive measures to counter illegal unilateral policies in annexing Palestinian lands, and not to be drawn into incitement against the Palestinian people, their leadership, and their civic organizations.

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