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Minister Dr. Malki calls for the implementation of decisions to confront any decision of a state that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
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Minister Dr. Malki calls for the implementation of decisions to confront any decision of a state that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki,  called on the Arab countries to implement the resolutions of the Council of the Arab League at various levels, most recent the decision of the Fourth Development Summit of Beirut, to take all practical measures necessary to confront any decision of any country that recognizes Jerusalem as capital Of Israel, the occupying Power, or the transfer of its embassy to it.


"What is going on in Jerusalem and specifically in the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, where thousands of Palestinian worshippers are defending Al Aqsa mosque  against Israeli attempts to control it’’ minister Dr. Malki told the Council of Arab League at the level of the 151st session.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates said that we are meeting at the League of Arab States to convey to the world, in a live broadcast, this painful battle between the right holders and false pretenders, among the people of the mosque, protected by UNESCO resolutions, and between a force threatening the security and stability of the world, insisting that it is higher than the laws and international resolutions, pointing out that there are very valuable properties, the precious nations do not bear the loss, because they represent identity, existence and culture, and Jerusalem is a great source of the cultural, historical and religious resources of the Arab nation, Islamic and Christian, how can we lose it to the aggressor that is a great nation Every time.


We were one million and 400,000 Palestinians in 1948, and today we are 13 million, of whom 6.4 million are in the Occupied Palestinian territory in 1967, we will not leave our land ,we shall continue to defend our rights until we achieve it, but the steadfastness of the Palestinian people will not be complete, and will reach its goals only with the support of our Arab brothers Always for your strong support, political support that transcends the halls of the League of Arab States and resonates to the far and wide.


"We need to respond to the prime Minister of the Israeli occupation government, who continues every day to repeat his most important novel, that peace with Palestine is not a condition for peace with the Arabs, and that he moved Israel from an occupation force to solutions and innovation," said Dr. Malki, noting that at the Beirut Summit in 2002,  Arab  league  adopted The Arab States had the Arab peace Initiative, which showed the Arab desire for strategic peace, which stated that the condition of recognition and normal relations with Israel was its withdrawal from the Occupied Palestinian Territory in 1967, the establishment of an independent State of Palestine and the finding of a just and agreed solution to the issue Palestine refugees. The Arab States have thus expressed the maximum concession they can offer for a just and comprehensive peace.


He said that now, 17 years after the Arab peace initiative, Israel has shown a mutual desire for peace with us, what Israel promised to provide for peace and normal relations with the Arab countries, stressing that the number of Israeli settlers doubled, and the campaigns of Judaization intensified The siege and control of the city of East Jerusalem, the attempts to divide the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the multiplication of killings, arrests, the theft of land and resources, the demolition of houses and the narrowing of life on the Palestinian people.

Minister Dr. Malki  stressed that Israel "the occupying Power" has presented dozens of racist laws, in defiance of the Arab peace initiative, and the latest of these racist laws was the law of Jewish nationalism, which grants Jews under Arabs the right to self-determination, descends the status of the Arabic language, and establishes a system of apartheid With distinction, in addition to being founded on the systematic hacking of the funds of the Palestinian people, through the introduction of the Israeli racist law, which allows the occupying government to steal the allowances of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners from Palestinian tax revenues controlled by the occupying government.


He said that when we did not meet President Tarmb's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with the necessary resolute means, others dared to Jerusalem, followed by Guatemala, and then the government of Australia took a position that violates the legal status of the city of Jerusalem, and Hungary is about to open a commercial office on Diplomatic level in the city of Jerusalem, and others will be dragged to such illegal steps if they do not find a firm stance from Arab and Islamic countries.


Minister Dr. Malki also invited, on behalf of the Arab countries, the President of Brazil to maintain the bonds of friendship with the Arab countries, and the historical positions of the Brazilian in support of the Palestinian rights, to abide by international law and the resolutions of international legitimacy, and to refrain from any step that is in the position of the established law of the city of Jerusalem.


He stressed that Arab diplomacy has succeeded in defending Arab interests whenever it proves its seriousness, accompanied by deeds and this happened when we failed the candidacy of Israel, the occupying Power, for membership of the Security Council in 2019-2020, and happened when the holding of the summit of Togo Israeli-African, and happened when I amended The Republic of Paraguay for its decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, stressing that we need to use our diplomatic, political and economic capabilities to protect our strategic interests.


Minister Dr. Malki said that Israel, has committed the kinds and types of systematic crimes that are widespread against the Palestinian people, and which have practiced oppression and apartheid against our people, thought that it would survive its crimes under the protection and immunity established by some American administrations, especially the administration Of the current United States, stressing that it is time to hold Israel, its leaders and ministers accountable for all of those crimes, adding that we are doing all we can to urge the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to deal swiftly with the referral that the State of Palestine submitted to it on the situation in Palestine on 22/5/2018. This includes the completion of the preliminary study, which began more than four years ago, within a reasonable period of time, the opening of a criminal investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel against the defenseless Palestinian people, the accountability of Israeli war criminals and the achievement of justice.

Minister Dr. Malki reiterated his rejection of the frantic Israeli and American attempts to dry up the refugee issue by suspending financial commitments to its budget in order to undermine its international mandate and its ability to perform its tasks in the relief and employment of Palestinian refugees.


On behalf of the Arab League, Minister Malki  also called on all States to commit themselves to supporting the UNRWA budget and renewing its mandate whenever necessary, so that the issue of Palestinian refugees could be resolved equitably in accordance with international law and United Nations General Assembly resolution 194 of 1948.


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