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Minister Dr. Malki We raise the flag of respect for women ,for what they have done and what they do
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Minister Dr. Malki We raise the flag of respect for women ,for what they have done and what they do

This came through a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki to the Palestinian women in general, and to the females and female diplomats in the diplomatic corps to congratulate them on the occasion of the eighth "International Women's Day" of March.


The message reads as follows:


RAMALLAH, 07 March 2019



Good greetings ,


I give you my best regards, in my name and in the name of the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates; we extend to Palestinian women in general, to the female diplomats and to the diplomatic corps at different locations, and to greet and congratulate them on 8 March "International Women's Day". The celebration of our people on this occasion is a huge strain on the weight of the Palestinian women as men, if not more, are shackled. Foremost among them is the occupation, the suffering inflicted on them, the direct targeting of them and their role, namely, the Martyr, the Captive, the wounded, the mother or the sister who suffers as a result of the loss of her loved ones, and the direct responsibility that they bear as a result. As well as the regression in the system of values and concepts that women and their role do not appreciate, however, we highly appreciate and value the role of Palestinian women, their activity, their philanthropy and their efforts at all levels, whether at the level of nation-building, society and human, or at the level of diplomatic and administrative creativity Within the work of foreign affairs and expatriates and their representations. The eighth of March should not be the only day when we remember and salute the role of women, but all days will become days for Palestinian women to deepen spaces in front of their role and enhance their standing.


We raise the flag of respect for women for what they have done and what they do, and we affirm that we are not a traditional school follower, but consider ourselves struggling with women, and we believe that opportunities must be equal in all aspects, and in turn we encourage and practice it in the Ministry and overcome it towards discrimination In favor of enhancing the role and excellence of women both in the Ministry and in the Palestinian diplomatic work, to assume a leading role in this field. We are committed to this vision and are working on it to make the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates a beacon through which Palestinian women can take full advantage of the opportunities available to exercise their leading role equally and even distinguish them.


Accordingly, we intend to devote a medal to creativity or diplomatic superiority on an annual basis, distinguishing diplomatic women and their tender in the field of diplomatic work.


Long live the Palestinian woman


Glory to the Martyrs


And freedom for prisoner and healing for the wounded


Dr. Riad Malki


Minister for Foreign Affairs and expatriates

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