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Conclusion of the Conference of the Ambassadors of the State of Palestine in the European continent
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Conclusion of the Conference of the Ambassadors of the State of Palestine in the European continent

The meeting of the Ambassadors of the State of Palestine to the European continent, where minister Dr. Al-Maliki reviewed the latest political moves and developments in the occupied territory amid escalating Israeli violations and escalating the occupation authorities from their actions and policies, concluded in Istanbul on Monday evening It targeted Jerusalem, its legal situation and the refugee issue by drying up its support for UNRWA, the piracy of Palestinian clearing funds and its impact on Palestinian social Security and the work of Palestinian national institutions. Minister Dr. Malki also pointed to the targeting of the US administration of leadership and the Palestinian people through the recent decisions taken by the US administration in an attempt to impose the so-called "century Deal", aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue and removing it from the peace of international interests. Minister Dr. Malki stressed the importance of concerted efforts with all brothers and friends to address them and protect the inalienable rights of our Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination, and the establishment of their independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.


Addressing the developments in the regional and international situation and its repercussions on the Palestinian situation, and the person of the Palestinian political and diplomatic situation, especially in the context of the relationship with the European continent, Minister Malki pointed out the importance of holding such a conference especially in the light of the challenges of the Palestinian issue internal and external, which requires the concerted efforts of the Palestinian diplomacy and the importance of strengthening coordination and networking and developing plans and mechanisms to fortify and strengthen the relationship of the State of Palestine with European countries.


Dr. Ramzi Khoury, director general of the Palestinian National Fund, referred to the role of the Fund in supporting the work of embassies, under the regulations and laws of the editorial organization and the Administrative and Financial regulations adopted for the work of embassies and diplomatic missions, which have been developed over the years, and emphasized The decision of the National Council to activate the departments and institutions of the Liberation Organization to meet the internal and external challenges of the Palestinian cause. Khoury referred to the decision of the occupation authorities to steal Palestinian clearing funds and its impact on the financial support provided to Palestinian embassies and representations.


The ambassadors of the State of Palestine to the European continent reviewed the latest developments in the context of the bilateral relationship between the State of Palestine and the countries of the European continent, and reviewed their plans for future movement.


The Conference concluded with the adoption of perceptions and recommendations of plans and mechanisms for diplomatic action towards European countries, which would fortify and strengthen the relationship of the state of Palestine with these states at all levels and levels, including the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation in all areas, intensifying official diplomatic work, and working Popular diplomacy through lobbying groups and civil society communities. Intensifying parliamentary and partisan diplomatic work to create pressure mechanisms to champion the Palestinian cause. Activating coordination with Arab brothers and friends to advocate the Palestinian cause through the Councils of Arab ambassadors in the European continent. This is to ensure practical steps in the review, follow-up and implementation of all understandings with these countries. Emphasis was also placed on the need to strengthen the role of public and digital diplomacy in the interests of the Palestinian cause.


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