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Malki consults with Ambassador Manuel Hassassian on opening a diplomatic commercial office in Jerusalem
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Malki consults with Ambassador Manuel Hassassian on opening a diplomatic commercial office in Jerusalem

Minister Dr. Riad Maliki met with the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Hungary, Manuel Hassassian, as soon as he was summoned home, in the presence of the Assistant Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Amal Jado.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates had urgently summoned Ambassador Manuel Hassassian to Headquarters for consultations following the decision of the Hungarian Government to open a commercial office in Jerusalem as a diplomat. The Minister received a detailed report from Ambassador Manuel Hassassian on the Palestinian relations and recent developments, and discussed how to respond to this step, which violates international treaties and the status quo in the city of Jerusalem, and denies the position of the European Union, which is committed not to take any steps Could undermine the prospects for the peace process.


In The meeting it was  agreed to prepare a Palestinian action agenda to address the move after consultation with the Palestinian leadership and relevant authorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates confirms its strong dissatisfaction with and condemnation of such steps and the opening of any diplomatic offices in Jerusalem.

This will keep Ambassador Manuel Hassassian for an indefinite period at home, during which he will meet with President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates summoned the head of the Office of representative of Hungary to the state of Palestine last Wednesday immediately after the announcement of Hungary's decision to open the Office of Trade representation at the diplomatic level, where the Palestinian rejection of this step affecting Palestinian sovereignty was expressed, It violates international law, United Nations resolutions and the position of the European Union on the issue of Jerusalem. The Foreign minister asked the representative of Hungary to convey this rejectionist and reprehensible attitude to the Hungarian position, and that the state of Palestine would take the necessary steps in accordance with international law to defend its rights, interests and sovereignty in Jerusalem in the face of the Hungarian decision or any other similar resolution.


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