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Minister Dr. Malki:  diplomatic movement to expose the Israeli escalation against prisoners in front of international forums and the upcoming Arab Summit
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Minister Dr. Malki: diplomatic movement to expose the Israeli escalation against prisoners in front of international forums and the upcoming Arab Summit

     Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki condemned in the strongest terms the brutal acts of persecution, repression and restrictions exerted by the administration of the Department of Occupation Prisons against the Palestinian prisoners, particularly in the prison of the Negev desert, explaining that the occupation authorities are stepping up their actions and provocative measures They are working on the installation of jamming devices that release carcinogenic radiation that endanger the lives of prisoners, warning of beatings and use of tear gas, provocative night searches and others by the repressive units.


Minister Dr. Malki considered the attacks against prisoners to be serious violations of international law, international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, rising to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity, bearing the Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, fully and directly responsible for the lives of our captives. Of heroes, warning against the perpetration of massacres by the repressive units of the occupying prison service. The minister called on the UN bodies, organizations and councils to exert the strongest pressure on the occupation authorities to stop their crimes against our heroic captives, and in particular, to request the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to speed up the visit of the Negev desert prison and to see what the prisoners are subjected to and assume their responsibilities Legal and moral direction of their suffering.


Minister Dr. Malki stressed that the directives of President Mahmoud Abbas on prisoners and detainees are clear as red lines, and therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates put on top of their diplomatic moves at all levels, noting that the Ministry will spare no effort to raise this issue and put it in all Forums and meetings, starting with the Human Rights Council, passing through the International Criminal Court and to the United Nations with all its institutions in New York from a General Assembly and a Security Council. Minister Dr. Al-Maliki revealed that the High Commissioner for Human Rights would be asked to assume his responsibilities in the face of this serious escalation of the rights of prisoners in occupation prisons, as well as the Special Rapporteurs on the issue of prisoners and detainees. He stressed that the issue of prisoners will be present and strongly in the deliberations of the Arab Foreign ministers gathered several days later in Tunisia in preparation for the Arab Summit, and we will work to raise this issue to be adopted in the draft resolutions on Palestine and adopted by the Arab leaders at the Tunis Summit.


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