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The Occupation Courts are Distinctively Colonial and Racist
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The Occupation Courts are Distinctively Colonial and Racist

The Israeli Supreme Court issued a ruling rejecting the convening of an extended session to appeal the decision to demolish 16 residential buildings in the Wadi al-Homs neighborhood in southern Jerusalem and the approval of the so-called Jerusalem Central Court to legitimize and rehabilitate 2,000 unauthorized settlement units in the West Bank.

 The Ministry affirms that the occupation courts are opposing international law and the principles of human rights, and rather take decisions based on the interests of the political occupation and the interests of the settlers, while at the same time concealing the crimes committed by the occupation authorities against the Palestinian land and citizens.

The Ministry strongly condemns the arbitrary decisions of the occupation courts and demands the International Criminal court to urgently open an official investigation into the crimes of the occupation, and calls upon the Security Council to activate the international protection system for Palestinians living under occupation.

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