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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Condemns the Terrorism of Settlers, and Considers it a Systematic Introduction to Annexation.
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Condemns the Terrorism of Settlers, and Considers it a Systematic Introduction to Annexation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns, in the strongest terms, the settlers' attacks and their armed militias on Palestinian citizens, their properties, crops and livestock throughout the occupied Palestinian Territory, the most recent of which was the injury of two citizens by terrorist settlers in the town of Al-Mughair, northeast of Ramallah, as they were transferred to the hospital. The settler gangs attacked Palestinian sheep herders and assaulted them under the protection of the occupying forces, who intervened by throwing tear gas bombs at Palestinian citizens, with the aim of providing protection to the settlers.

It is noteworthy that a noticeable escalation in settler attacks on citizens' lands is witnessed in recent days in more than one area in the occupied West Bank from north to south, as settlers used a new racist method to capture Palestinian land, especially in the Jordan Valley, where they launched their livestock and animals to sabotage Palestinian crops, to put a fence as a symbol of confiscation, wherever the animals are standing, the occupying army’s drones will guard it while it ends its expansionist colonial aggression. The Ministry affirms that the settler armed militias are the advanced battalion of the occupation army to implement the annexation and expansion plans, in hideous exploitation of the Palestinian and international concern in confronting the Corona epidemic.

The Ministry confirms that the American and Israeli governments are fully and directly responsible for the crimes, assaults, consequences, and repercussions of settlers, and the implementation of the ominous deal of the century, and the broadest incitement practiced by the right-wing ruler in Israel and its settlers to commit the most terrible crimes and violations against our people, land, and property, in the forefront of which is the seizure of large parts of the occupied West Bank, and carrying out massive ethnic cleansing operations against Palestinian citizens, in preparation for its annexation and the imposition of Israeli law on it. The Ministry affirms that the statements of international condemnation of the settlements and the crimes of the occupation are insufficient, and their impact remains insignificant until they’re translated into deterrent international sanctions that compel the occupying power to stop the settlers crimes and forces them to withdraw from the annexation steps.

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