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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: Greenblatt reveals the size of a so-called "deal of the Century"
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: Greenblatt reveals the size of a so-called "deal of the Century"

Trump continues its misleading propaganda campaign for world public opinion, international officials and the Arab and Islamic worlds by making statements and media positions on the so-called "century Deal", and these statements are not devoid of certain leaks and confessions of its content and its pillars And its starting point, the last of them was Jason Greenblatt in remarks made today clearly acknowledging that the decisions of the American administration are not taken solely on the basis of peace efforts, but based on his country's interest as one of the cornerstones and platforms of the "Deal of the century", obviously the interest of America as seen by the Trump administration matches Completely with Israel's interest as an occupying Power, especially since the White House official also admits that the two-state solution is not the basis of the "Deal of the Century", and Greenblatt adds that his purported plan calls for Palestinian concessions, bragging that his boss is committed to his promises.


The Ministry reiterates that what Greenpeace is talking about is irrelevant to what we can call a peace plan, and that any plan, proposal or deal that is not built on the basis of a two-state solution is doomed to failure and history, and will be rejected by a Palestinian, Arab, Islamic, European and international order. After the Trump administration has taken out Jerusalem, settlements, refugees and security from the equation, the Trump team is still trying to dust the ashes in the eyes and to bring some imaginary and ridiculous balance to the alleged deal by claiming that the US peace plan requires concessions from both sides!!. The Trump and Netanyahu team are certainly working to eliminate the entire Palestinian national project, and the plan is aimed at undermining any opportunity for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 and East Jerusalem Capitals, and talking about unprecedented American creations that are nothing more than attempts to beautify this project. And empowerment of colonialism, and this coup d'état on the resolutions of international legality and the principles of international law. On the other hand, BHL Greenblatt reminded that President Trump has also made promises and commitments to President Mahmoud Abbas, where are their translations? Unless those translations are the opposite of what has been fully adhered to, or when they contradict Israel's interest, that interest surpasses that of its obligations to the Palestinian side, because of the existence of an extraordinary, occupied settlement lobby in the White House that works only to realize the interests of the occupation.


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