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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: The Israeli right uses the holidays and the "century deal" to pass its colonial goals with religious stereotypes
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: The Israeli right uses the holidays and the "century deal" to pass its colonial goals with religious stereotypes

         With the participation of five Knesset members from the Likud, the right-wing union and the Chairman of the Council of Settlements in the north of the West Bank, Yossi Dagan, and more than 1,400 settlers stormed the tomb of Yusuf in Nablus on this day and performed prayers at the scene amid calls to impose Israeli sovereignty on the site as a prelude Its satisfaction on the Holy Haram Al-Sharif, the Ibrahimi Mosque and the "Sebastya" archaeological area continue to be closed for the second consecutive day and the establishment of concrete cubes to prevent Palestinian citizens from reaching them, and the occupation forces and settlers have put "signboards" describing Sebastya (garden National Israel in Samaria), the Israeli occupation forces also closed the roads leading to a passenger travelling by military roadblocks and declaring them a closed military zone. Dozens of settlers stormed and prayed in an ancient archaeological site in Samu, south of Hebron, on the pretext that it was an old synagogue, and also stormed a park in the village of Carmel, located in the Yatta area south of Hebron, and praying in it, amid a marked escalation of settler incursions into the mosque Al-Aqsa al-Mubarak, all these incursions were carried out under the protection and guarding of large forces of the occupying army and his police.


Condemning in the strongest terms this dangerous escalation of settler incursions into Palestinian cities and towns and numerous archaeological sites, the Ministry affirms that the Israeli occupation authorities always find in Jewish holidays an opportunity to deepen their awareness within the Occupied Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem East, so that these holidays turned into greater torment and suffering for the Palestinians, and the owners of the colonial agendas found an opportunity to seize it to impose a new fait accompli, and to modify the paths of the list or the names of new data on the ground later justifies the size of the actions and the steps to be offered by the occupation system Whole of settlers, soldiers, civilian administration, soldiers and politicians. The ministry believes that the escalation of this incursion coincides with the escalation of the talk about the impending launch of the so-called "American Century Deal", and what is being leaked occasionally about its content and the details and ideas contained in favour of occupation and settlement, which opens the appetite of the ruling right and its audience of settlers on Swallow more Palestinian land and try to judaize the many archaeological and religious places that are located in the heart of Palestinian towns and villages.

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