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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriate: occupation uses holidays to escalate its colonial actions
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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriate: occupation uses holidays to escalate its colonial actions

      The occupation authorities exploit all religious events and holidays and employ them for political purposes in the interest of their expansionist colonization project, deepening their settlement operations and Judaizing the archaeological sites and areas, by plunging them into large numbers of Jewish settlers and visitors throughout the year And trying to change its features to serve its narrative and the rules of its control and the imposition of Israeli law on it. This policy is applied by the occupation to many religious, archaeological and historical sites, most recent to the Old City of occupied Jerusalem and the Old City of Hebron, Sabastia and Batire where the occupying forces have closed those areas and imposed wide-ranging restrictions to prevent the citizens Palestinians to reach it, amid escalating attacks on Palestinian citizens, schools and property, erecting numerous roadblocks and intensifying incursions, as happened at the Mubarak al-Aqsa mosque led by Israeli Minister Uri Ariel, and what happened in the Sabastia region when cubes were placed On the entrances to Sabastia and the Old City of Hebron, detaining citizens and preventing them from reaching their places of work, in addition to the Israeli occupation forces closing the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.


Condemning in the strongest terms this policy, the Ministry considers it a link in the series of deepening settlement, Judaization and annexation of those areas, as part of its major colonial project aimed at imposing Israeli law on the majority of the designated areas. C .  The Ministry demands that the United Nations and its competent organizations shoulder their responsibilities, abide by the implementation of their decisions, and protect archaeological and religious areas from the dangers of Judaization and Israeli control over them.


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