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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: demands the High Commissioner for Human Rights for rapid publication of List of companies operating in settlements
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: demands the High Commissioner for Human Rights for rapid publication of List of companies operating in settlements

In its international report, Amnesty International ‘’ The tourism industry, including tour companies, online accommodation and travel booking sites, and rental car companies, all of which help to make the settlements profitable and sustainable ‘’  whether by facilitating reservations for stays or online flights, or by providing those companies for themselves, revealed As based on the principle of mutual trust and partnership in marketing tourism within Israeli settlements, the UN organization explained (that the settlement of Israeli civilians in the possible Palestinian territories constitutes a violation of international humanitarian law and thus a war crime), and criticized the organization Those companies to reap the profits from this illegal situation, confirming the illegality of Israel's takeover of the Palestinian territories, the expansion of settlements and its use of the growing tourism sector in the settlements as a means of legalizing and expanding them. Amnesty noted that the United Nations guidelines on business and human rights oblige companies to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law anywhere in the world where they operate.


Ministry of Foreign affairs considers Amnesty report  to be an affirmation of our repeated and continuing warnings of the dangers and repercussions of the expansion of the "settlement tourism" by the occupying Power and settlement councils in the occupied West Bank, and its consequences for the deepening of the occupation and settlement in the territory of the State of Palestine. The Ministry also condemns the Israeli attack on "amnesty" and the attempt to accuse it unjustly of anti-Semitism. The ministry asserts that the Amnesty report highlights the importance of the High Commissioner for Human Rights expediting the processing, publication and dissemination of the list of such companies. The absence of the necessary legal procedures encourages many companies to work and deal with the settlements freely and without worrying about any legal follow-up, and therefore the Ministry requests to publish this list so that we can take the necessary legal measures and prosecutions if these companies insist on continuing their flagrant violation of international law and international humanitarian law.

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