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Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Deepening the Colonization Undermines Trump Team’s Statements on Negotiations
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Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Deepening the Colonization Undermines Trump Team’s Statements on Negotiations

The colonial organizations continue their invasions on the Palestinian property in the old city of Hebron, specifically raiding Tamim al-Dari’s property, in addition to its brutal attacks on the citizens of the old town. Moreover, the gangs of settlers stormed the town of Awarta yesterday, attacking cars and raising racist signs calling for revenge against Arab, and the demolition of a house in the town of Beit Ummar north of Hebron, emphasizing the escalation of house demolitions in Wadi Yasol in Silwan and Wadi al-Hummus in the town of Sur Bahir, southeast of occupied Jerusalem, which also applies on the daily situation of the Palestinian citizens houses  in the holy city and its various neighborhoods, especially in Issawiya town  for the past few months.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns, in the strongest terms, the Israeli colonization of Jerusalem and the areas designated "C", which is fully supported by the administration of President Trump and his team. The international community’s abandonment of its legal and moral responsibilities towards our people and their suffering is concealing the Israeli colonization, violations, and crimes, and further encourages its violations against the signed agreements, thus deepening the Apartheid regime in occupied Palestine and destroying any chance for establishing a viable and sovereign Palestinian state and achieving peace in accordance with the principle of a two-state solution.

In this context, the ministry considers Trump's statements on an alleged American plan and the American call for negotiations between the two sides is a mockery of the region, its components, history and civilization, which aims at granting the ruling right in Israel more time to pursue its colonial project and win voices for the upcoming elections.

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