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Minister Malki : UNESCO Puts Jerusalem and Hebron on Endangered World Heritage List
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Minister Malki : UNESCO Puts Jerusalem and Hebron on Endangered World Heritage List

The Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates welcomed the decision of the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO at its 43rd session currently held in Baku, Azerbaijan, to preserve the exceptional world heritage value of the Old City of Jerusalem, and Hebron City, and the committee’s adoption to a decision that considers the Church of Nativity as a universal heritage and removes it from the list of endangered world heritage sites. "The technical danger has been removed from the Church of Nativity, but the threat of colonial occupation is still in place, and we will work with the international community on abandoning It." his Excellency added.

Dr Malki thanked Jordan for its efforts in preparing the resolution on Jerusalem, supporting the consensus to keep the holy city on the World Heritage List, as well as the resolution’s annex on the Israeli violations of the UNESCO conventions and the impact of Israeli procedures and practices on heritage sites.  "The attempts committed by Israel, the occupying power, to falsify history and culture will fail, and Palestinian diplomacy will halt all their efforts to destroy our heritage, culture, and history, and will destroy their endeavors to replace the facts on the ground with myths and old novels.

Moreover, Minister Malki emphasized the importance of the city of Jerusalem its preservice it from distortion or destruction, as the true beacon of religions and the gate of the world’s history, heritage and civilization, with the Muslim and Christian presence. The Foreign Minister stressed the need to send a UNESCO representative to be present permanently in Jerusalem to observe Israel’s violations and Judaic and destructive measures by which it seeks to obliterate its historical, cultural and religious features and change the status quo.

His excellency payed gratitude to the member countries of the World Heritage Committee for their commitment to keep the city of Hebron on the Endangered World Heritage List, to confront the danger of occupation, which is trying to destroy heritage sites, such as Al- Haram Al-Ibrahimi and the Old City, in addition to the practices and crimes of settlers, adding that we will work with all member States to expose these criminal, non-cultural, and destructive policies.

In conclusion, his Excellency highlighted the significance of international law institutions, including UNESCO, in unveiling the Israeli occupation plans based on negating the other and creating a new reality of delusions, confirming that Palestinians will defend their heritage and culture confronting the distortion and destruction campaigns led by Israel, and inviting the international community to shoulder its responsibilities, and take the necessary steps to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian heritage, culture, and history in Jerusalem and other cities of the occupied Palestinian state. The occupation fears history, culture, and heritage because it is the biggest proof on the insincere narrative.  Minister Malki called upon the UNESCO to protect the heritage, culture, and history of Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine, from the attempted destruction of the Christian and Islamic cultural face of the Holy City.


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