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Minister Dr. Malki receives head of land Authority and discusses a number of joint cooperation issues
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Minister Dr. Malki receives head of land Authority and discusses a number of joint cooperation issues

H.E. Dr. Riad Malki, Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, met on Tuesday at the ministry's headquarters in Ramallah,  the head of the land Authority, Mr. Musa Shkarneh, and discussed a number of issues of mutual cooperation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Malki welcomed Mr. Shkarneh, praising the efforts made by the land authority to settle issues of lands in areas C, and the two sides also discussed the risks of settlement and land theft and making the West Bank geographically uninterrupted due to the confiscation of more land in favor of settlement and the construction of roads whereThe settlements are linked.

Malki also stressed that confronting settlements is a priority of Palestinian diplomacy, where major efforts are being made with various partners in the world to stop the aggressive settler attack by the Netanyahu government, noting his meeting with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court this month, He urged that the criminal investigation of the situation in Palestine should be opened as soon as possible, especially since the Israeli government currently being formed sought to annex the West Bank and illegally impose Israeli sovereignty over illegal settlements.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs praised the leadership role of the Head of the Land Authority and the Authority's personnel in completing the process of settlement and classifications of classified land in various locations in the West Bank, and in view of the possibility of protecting these lands and not leaving them subject to Israeli confiscation.

Shkarneh referred to the settlement work carried out by civil administration crews in several areas of the West Bank and the seriousness of this work, which is based on the confiscation of large tracts of Palestinian land within areas classified as C. They examined ways to protect these lands and the need to coordinate all relevant institutions of the authority in order to protect them. The two sides agree to continue the coordination and the need to bring this matter before the Council of Ministers at its next meetings in order to adopt strategies for confronting and protecting these threatened lands, especially south of Nablus and Bethlehem.


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