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Minister Dr. Malki receives a delegation from the Swedish Foreign Ministry
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Minister Dr. Malki receives a delegation from the Swedish Foreign Ministry

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Maliki expressed his appreciation for the distinguished relations between the State of Palestine and the Kingdom of Sweden during the reception that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki,  had for the deputy Director general and director of the Middle East Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , on Tuesday morning, at the ministry's headquarters, to discuss the latest developments and conditions on the regional and international arenas.

 Malki welcomed the guest delegation, praising the distinguished relations between Palestine and the Kingdom of Sweden. He also thanked Sweden for its positions in support of Palestine in international forums as well as its financial support to the institutions of the State of Palestine and UNRWA.

On the latest developments, Malki stressed the rejection by the Palestinian leadership of the so-called "deal of the century", adding that it was aimed at undermining any opportunity for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 and East Jerusalem lines as its capital, and that it flouted international legal decisions and the principles of international law. Al-Maliki also pointed out the Palestinian position rejecting the Manama conference as part of the deal of the century, stressing that the Palestinian people represented by its leadership unified in its position rejecting this conference. Maliki also touched on the repercussions of the Israeli Government's decision to steal Palestinian tax funds under various pretexts and excuses, calling on Sweden and the international community to put pressure on Israel to return the funds to the Palestinian government's treasury.

Malki noted that the Palestinian diplomatic movement continues to confront the deal of the century, to pressure the US administration to respect the Palestinian people and previous international resolutions.

Ambassador Desmor is pleased to be present in the state of Palestine, stressing the importance of the historical relations that bring together the two countries and stressed the position of her country in line with the position of the European Union, calling for peace between the two parties based on the principle of the two-state solution, and international resolutions with The link. She also noted that her country continued to provide all possible support to Palestine both bilaterally and through EU commitments.

Earlier, the Assistant Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Dr. Amal Jado, held a political consultation with the Swedish delegation to discuss the prospects for bilateral cooperation, Ambassador Jadu discussed ways to strengthen cooperation for the development of strategies to improve relations and coordination between the two countries, as well as to enhance cooperation to include Cultural, academic and tourism fields. Jadu stressed the importance of Sweden playing a key role in urging the EU to play an active and fundamental role in any future political move, and also stressed the need to strengthen and develop bilateral relations between the two countries by intensifying visits.

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