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Minister Dr. Malki meets with Arab ambassadors in Warsaw and updates them of political developments
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Minister Dr. Malki meets with Arab ambassadors in Warsaw and updates them of political developments

Minister Malki placed the ambassadors on the situation in the region, the Palestinian issue and the movements of the Palestinian leadership to confront the so-called "conspiracy" deal of the era which is the product of Israeli colonial ideology, stressing the importance of intensifying Arab efforts under the umbrella of the Arab League To confront those plans aimed at normalizing and legitimize the Israeli presence in the region at the expense of the national rights of the Palestinian people.

Minister Malki added that our issue is political and our rights are national, and that the Palestinian people have a leadership that has made the efforts of the mountains in search of political solutions that guarantee security and stability, and the President's title is the attainment of the inalienable rights of our people and the establishment of the independent State and its capital Jerusalem, the return of refugees and the release of all Palestinian prisoners from the occupation jails. And any imaginary ways to replace our national political rights with economic solutions are the ashes in the eyes and a waste of time, and on this rule we rejected the meeting of Manama and we said clearly at the Arab and Islamic Summit, our rights are not subject to barter, and we will stand in the face of all the plots that target our national project, Therefore, we are communicating with all Arab brothers to ensure the political and physical safety net, in the face of Israeli-American actions aimed at bringing our people to the knees and starving.

The Ambassador of Palestine to Poland welcomed the Arab ambassadors, stressing that despite his meetings and discussions with the Polish side, Minister Dr. Riad Malki was keen to meet with the brothers and sisters ambassadors of the Arab countries to put them in the form of talks and the situation in the region.

For his part, the dean of the Arab diplomatic , Ambassador Younis al-Tidjani, expressed in a welcoming speech on behalf of the Arab Ambassadors his appreciation for the holding of this meeting, stressing that the Arab diplomatic corps in Poland is working in a joint Arab effort, to convey the Arab vision and mission to the various issues that are subject to The region, adding that what is being faced by Palestine and the Palestinian people touches the entire Arab nation,

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