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Malki:  We are following the situation of our victims in New Zealand as our ambassador arrives in the city.
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Malki: We are following the situation of our victims in New Zealand as our ambassador arrives in the city.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki confirmed that the Palestinian ambassador to Australia and New Zealand Ezzat Abdel Hadi arrived in Christchurch where the racist crime against Muslim worshippers took place there several days ago. He was given direct instructions from Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Riad Malki who, in turn,  was instructed by the president to pay attention to the needs of the community in such difficult circumstances. the ambassador arrived after the state opened the air atmosphere and allowed flights to land at the airport of the stricken city. As soon as he arrived, he visited the center, which was designated by the State to the families of the victims, the Muslim community and volunteers, where he was able to meet with the leaders of the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic communities in the city.


Minister Dr. Malki ,  added that His Excellency Ambassador Abdulhadi was able to visit three wounded Palestinians and other wounded Arabs and Muslims, he was accompanied with a delegation from the Palestinian community to visit the wife of martyr Osama Abu Kwik from Gaza, and gave her condolence in the name of President Mahmoud Abbas and leadership , one of the wounded was also visited after leaving the hospital to check on him and his situation. Minister Dr. Malki confirmed that the ambassador will remain there until the bodies are handed over to the families and buried, and ensure that all procedures are completed and all the needs are provided by Mr. President's instructions in person. Minister Dr. Malki explained that the government of Zealand is still looking into the nationalities of the victims and the wounded and so far refuses to deliver the bodies until the final confirmation of their nationalities and names as well as the completion of the medical examination. The ambassador will continue to report on any new details of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which in turn will circulate all of this information to the public for consultation.

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