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Malki: Republic of Azerbaijan joins Group of 77
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Malki: Republic of Azerbaijan joins Group of 77

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, Dr. Riad Malki, confirmed the joining  of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Group of 77 and China, as the Republic of Azerbaijan, through its Permanent Mission to the United Nations, submitted a letter to the state of Palestine in its capacity as Chair of the Group for the year 2019 to express its desire to join the group China, on behalf of the State of Palestine as Chairman of the Group of 77 and China, welcomed the accession of the friendly Republic of Azerbaijan to the group, calling on other developing countries to join the largest international bloc representing the peoples of the developing world in the institutions of the international community.

Malki considered this to be a success indicator for the state of Palestine as Chairman of the Group of 77 and China, and a step towards achieving the goals it aspires to during her tenure as chair of the Group of 77 and China, including enhancing the group's prestige and effectiveness by expanding membership to more developing countries, which It contributes to strengthening the position and the noble objectives of the group, as well as enhancing its credibility as a representative of the peoples of all developing States and countries, and the concomitant work of the State of Palestine to promote and protect the international multilateral system and the norms and principles of international law.

Malki has invited all developing countries that are not members of the group to join it, which will strengthen their positions and represent their issues and concerns in international forums by making them the issues and concerns of the group as a whole, and for the benefit of all humanity, pointing to what is in this group of noble goals and lofty ambitions To benefit all countries and peoples of the world, and to touch the concerns of nations and peoples without exception, as one of the most important and largest multilateral groups defending both international law and humanity, and seeking to protect the multilateral system of international relations in the context of the join onslaught against these Of the system and attempts to strike its principles and the principles of international law in the wall.


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