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Malki receives the representative of Japan as part of the preparations for the Conference on Cooperation among East Asian Countries for Palestinian Development (CEAPAD)
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Malki receives the representative of Japan as part of the preparations for the Conference on Cooperation among East Asian Countries for Palestinian Development (CEAPAD)

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki received on Thursday at the ministry's headquarters in Ramallah, the representative of Japan to the State of Palestine,  ambassador Takeshi Okubo.  The meeting came as part of preparations for the East Asian summit of Senior officials in support of Palestinian development in Palestine, to be held in Palestine at the beginning of July next month.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Malki renewed his thanks and appreciation to the Palestinian side for the efforts made by Japan in the framework of building Palestinian human capacities and building and developing the institutions of the Palestinian State, appreciating Japan's positions and efforts in support of the Palestinian people and its leadership, and thanked Japan for its support Of the relief and Refugee Operation Agency (UNRWA), especially after the US assistance was cut off.

For his part, Ambassador Okubo stressed the Japanese side welcomed the participation and opening of the minister of Malki for the conference, stressing in this context the support and continuation of the Asian countries members of the (CEAPAD), including Japan to provide development support to Palestine, where this conference comes to find a horizon and opportunities To promote Palestinian development and economy. The Japanese ambassador also stressed his country's commitment to the two-state solution and their continued support for the Palestinian people to achieve freedom and national independence in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.

Ambassador Okubu reviewed the programme of the meeting of senior officials of the(CEAPAD)states, which will include the government and private sector, and in this regard, Minister Malki thanked the Japanese side for the efforts made to make the events successful, in the context of empowering the Palestinian economy and encouraging investment, which contributes to the promotion The steadfastness of the Palestinian citizen. Minister Malki added that the state of Palestine encourages such opportunities and supports the building of direct and indirect relations and partnerships between Governments and the private sector, as well as the pursuit of political relations among Member States.

Minister Malki also briefed Ambassador Okubo on the latest developments in the Palestinian arena and the latest political moves at the regional and international levels, and Israeli violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and referred to the US-Israeli pressure aimed at passing the so-called deal The implications of this deal are not only on the Palestinian issue but on the region as a whole, including the Manama conference, and all these attempts are only to undermine the steadfastness of our people and their leadership in the face of the projects to liquidate the Palestinian cause in a way that is totally contrary to international law and legality.  Minister Malki stressed that the Palestinian leadership is committed to its stance towards the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 and East Jerusalem as its capital, and welcomes any initiatives that support this position.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Malki expressed the readiness and readiness of the State of Palestine to coordinate and cooperate and provide all the facilities for the success of the Conference and its implications to support the development in Palestine

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