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Malki meets with his Slovak counterpart
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Malki meets with his Slovak counterpart

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, Dr. Riad Malki met today with his Slovak counterpart, Mr. Miroslav Lajčák  On the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, held for two days in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Dead Sea region.

The Slovak minister began by talking about what has been deliberated about the intention of the Slovak Republic to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, denying it and affirming his country's position in harmony with the common European position, which calls for the resolution of the city of Jerusalem through joint negotiations leading to an agreement to consider Jerusalem as the capital of two states. It rejects unilateral political steps.

For his part, Malki praised the wise decision taken by the Slovak Government in this regard.

Mr. Miroslav Lajčák delivered a written reply to the letter sent to him by former minister of Malki concerning the opening of a Slovak cultural office in the city of Jerusalem.

On the other hand, Minister Dr. Malki briefed Mr. Miroslav Lajčák  on the latest political developments in Palestine and the violations by Israel, the occupying Power, of the rights of the Palestinian people, their property and Sanctities, Malki reviewed the escalation in Jerusalem and Israel's attempts to divide the spatial and temporal of the courtyards Al-Aqsa mosque, and the continued attempts by the occupying authorities to close the door of mercy in order to seize this area and turn it into a Jewish place of worship. Minister Dr.Malki pointed out that Israel was working to wage a religious war against the Palestinian people and to turn the conflict into a religious conflict. The two sides also exchanged views on a number of issues of common concern.

In the end, Minister Miroslav Lajčák invited his counterpart Dr. Riad  to visit Slovakia as soon as possible to complete the consultations and to pursue the exchange of views between them.


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