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Malki meets President of the Republic of Estonia
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Malki meets President of the Republic of Estonia

BUENOS Aires – Argentina

H.E. Dr. Riad Malki, Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, met with the President of the Republic of Estonia, Ms Kersti Kaljulaid, on the sidelines of the second high-level United Nations Conference on South-North cooperation.

Kersti Kaljulaid welcomed the minister and thanked him for meeting him. She began by talking about the digital development of her country and the cooperation that Estonia was undertaking with the State of Palestine in the area of e-government. In spite of its small country and resource poverty, the digital development project, its e-government expertise and their belief in the importance of governments keeping up with technology have helped them to put Estonia on the list of countries providing expertise, especially in the field of e-government.

She also expressed that she and the Palestinians belonged to the same school of thought, where we believe in the multilateral system based on international law and respect for rights.

Malki for his part, expressed the belief of the Palestinians in the system based on international law and the multilateral system, but the current practices of the U.S. administration undermine this system and the reaction of States in confronting these practices shy, which calls for work to restore confidence and focus on the advantages and achievements of the multilateral system.

Thus, Malki has placed President Kersti Kaljulaid  in the form of the difficult situation in the Palestinian cause and briefed her on the latest political developments. and US policies that detract from the rights of the Palestinians and eliminate the two-state solution.

The meeting was attended by the Palestinian side along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki and the representative of Palestine at the United Nations Dr. Riyad Mansour and the first counsellor Dr. Omar Awadh Allah, head of the United Nations and specialized organizations and Third Secretary of the Ministry's office.


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