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Malki calls on the Human Rights Council for practical steps to defend the two-state solution
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Malki calls on the Human Rights Council for practical steps to defend the two-state solution

Geneva 26-2-2019-

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki, Human Rights Council, called for action and practical steps to defend the two-state solution, ensure justice for the Palestinian people, realize its inalienable rights to self-determination, independence in the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return Refugees to their homes from which they were displaced pursuant to resolution 194.)

He addressed the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday, at its fortieth session, where he stressed that the seventh item on the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian territory remained a standing item on the agenda of the Human Rights Council until Israel's occupation and colonization ended.

The High Commissioner also called for the database of companies operating in settlements to be issued in implementation of the resolution adopted by the Council and the implementation of the Declaration of the Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, held in December 2014, to confirm the applicability of this Convention to The occupied state of Palestine, including East Jerusalem, which guarantees the duties of States individually and collectively in creating an international system of protection for the Palestinian people.

Minister Dr.Malki stressed that "Israel, the occupying Power, continues to enjoy immunity and impunity for its crimes, despite numerous impartial and independent UN resolutions and reports, consistent with international law, which it has demanded and called upon States to work to end Long-standing Israeli colonial occupation. " He said: "This occupation is illegal and illegal, and it has become colonialism and a colonial regime for violating all the principles of international law and human rights, where this regime constitutes the highest form of Israeli racism against the Palestinian people and their rights, a representative of the Israeli Government and the occupying forces, The settlers, as well as the judicial system and its parliament, "the Knesset", which has adopted more than 180 racist laws, including the racial (national) law, are in absolute and definitive deviation from any grounds that can be described as democracy. "

The Minister for Foreign Affairs explained that the features of this colonial regime were being exposed in Jerusalem, the Red Khan and the attempts to demolish it, and the recent systematic and widespread policy by the occupation authorities in the deportation and forcible displacement of the 10-member Abu Assab family and their three children from their home in Jerusalem, Their place was illegally replaced by settlers, in the house they had lived in since 1952.

Minister Dr. Al-Maliki pointed out that "Israel, the occupying Power, is intensifying its provocations and continues its incitement and illegal actions against the Palestinian people and its leadership alike, and that the Israeli Government has worked blatantly to steal and piracy more than 138 million dollars, tax revenues , the proceeds that Israel collects on our behalf, in accordance with the Paris economic Agreement, "and stressing that this action" is aimed directly at undermining the Palestinian leadership and the possibility of the continuation of the work of Palestinian national institutions, especially those working in the areas of health care, security Social, education and security, in addition to harming Palestinian families, the piracy of tax revenues targets the most important segments of our society, namely the families of martyrs and political prisoners who have been arbitrarily arrested, in collective punishment of this group, and to undermine the social safety net provided to them. "

"The piracy of these proceeds is considered looting and the seizure of Palestinian property, which is a crime based on the rules of international law, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention, and its articles 81 and 98," the foreign minister said.

In this regard, Minister Dr. Malki called on "the international community to demand that Israel respect its legal obligations as an occupying Power, maintain the signed agreements and resume the full transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Government, and call upon the international institutions concerned with justice to take Its actions towards the perpetrators of this crime. "

The Foreign minister began his address to the Human Rights Council by saying, "More than seventy one years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we defend the principles of human rights, and at the same time 71 years of Israel's plight of the Palestinian people, 52 years of occupation and violation of the rights of the Palestinian People, Rhetoric alone does not protect human rights, because serious actions and attitudes that give rise to accountability and fairness are the true protection of man and his rights. Denying people their fundamental rights, not taking practical steps to protect these rights, and failing to shoulder their responsibilities makes the world a better place for criminals and their alliances. "

"Today, our Palestinian people commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Hebron massacre, when the settler Baruch Goldstein, the colonizer in the city of Brooklyn in New York, killed more than 29 and wounded 150 Palestinians in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, who are languishing in prayer and praying to their lord, where he is accompanying this memory Implementation by Israel, the occupying Power, of its unilateral decision, in contravention of Security Council resolution 904, to terminate the presence of the international presence in Hebron (TIPH) This international mission, which was a protection mechanism for our people in Hebron after this massacre, is exactly what the Israeli government wants Present, the right-wing extremist and settler-formed government, to strengthen its immunity and impunity, as it does not want any international presence to protect the Palestinian people and to control its crimes and the crimes of its settlers, and its ongoing violations of international law, in particular international humanitarian law and the law International human rights law. The number of Palestinian martyrs has doubled over the past year, with 312 martyrs executed, about 32,000 injured, and about 7,000 prisoners still.

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