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Malki briefs Belgian consul general on latest developments
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Malki briefs Belgian consul general on latest developments

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki briefed on Thursday at the ministry's headquarters in the city of Ramallah,  the Belgian consul general Mrs. Danielle Haven  on the latest developments and political and diplomatic updates on the Palestinian issue. Malki touched upon the policies of the Israeli Government towards our Palestinian people, namely the policies of confiscating Palestinian land and the fierce attacks by the Israeli occupation army and its settlers aimed at settling the Palestinian cause and eliminating the Palestinian national project With the establishment of the State on the borders of 67 and East Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the repeated threats by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to annex the West Bank, stressing the rejection by the Palestinian leadership of the attempts of financial blackmail by Israel against the theft of set-off funds, which caused a financial crisis Palestine has been living for over 4 months. Minister Malki also referred to the pressure exerted by the US Administration on the Palestinian leadership to accept the deal of the century and what is discussed recently about the Bahrain conference to discuss the economic future of Palestine, and confirmed the position of the President and the Palestinian leadership rejecting these attempts and any plan Does not meet the rights of the Palestinian people safeguarded in resolutions and international law. He also called on the international community, particularly the European Union, to intervene to curb Israel and end the current Israeli mentality, which consistently disregards international reactions. Malki touched on the threats of the " Greenblatt " in the Security Council and resolved the issues of final negotiations in favor of the occupation with proactive US resolutions and colonial field actions away from any negotiations, write off what they want and remove them from the table and rearrange the remaining in accordance with the priorities of the Alliance and what serves the interests of the occupying Power and the direction of the right and its extremist ideology. Malki stressed that these actions and practices of the US administration through the remarks made by the Greenblatt in the Security Council yesterday have prompted States to insist on the protection of the world order and UNRWA. In terms of bilateral relations, Malki praised the depth of the historical relations between Palestine and Belgium, the need to strengthen them in various issues, and to open new horizons for cooperation between the two countries, as well as Belgium's position in support of Palestine, in addition to the financial and economic support provided to the Palestinian people. Mrs. Haven stressed her country's firm stance of supporting the two-state solution through the resumption of bilateral negotiations between the two sides. She also expressed the Belgian Government's concern about unilateral steps and settlement expansion. It also indicated that it would make further efforts to promote bilateral relations, issues of common concern and ways of cooperation between the two countries through joint commissions. The meeting was attended by the Director of the Western European Department, counselor Ihab el-Mushy, and the Belgian attaché,Nadine Abu al-Haija, Ihab Omar from the media unit, and Zeina al-Masri from the minister's office.


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