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Launch of the Conference of Ambassadors of the State of Palestine in the European continent
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Launch of the Conference of Ambassadors of the State of Palestine in the European continent

Istanbul – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, Dr. Malki, attended the meeting on Sunday, in the presence of the Minister of External Affairs of Turkey to the European continent. Minister Dr. Malki  announced the launch of the conference, words from the two sides on bilateral relations, and review of the political and development support from the Turkish side of the state of Palestine and the political and diplomatic movement for its just cause, with the participation of the Director General of the Palestinian National fund Minister Ramzi Khoury, the ambassadors of the State of Palestine to the European continent, and the Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs and expatriates for Europe, Ambassador Dr. Amal Jado, as well as a number of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates and the Palestinian National Fund.

Minister Dr. Malki said in his speech that we face as a Palestinian people the danger of existence, the danger of survival as a people, as a nation, as an entity, as a nation, or as a liberal project, where the forces of evil met in the genocide beginning with eliminating our gains, distorting our image and weakening, drying our sources of survival, and fighting US To eliminate our national project and to prevent the establishment of an independent, viable, geographically contiguous and sovereign Palestinian State on the fourth frontier of June 1967 and East Jerusalem as its capital.

"We are now fighting against this project where the forces of evil gather to destroy it, freeing Palestine to liberate the world from injustice, establishing a Palestinian state is the point of puberty and ending, and justice for Palestine and its people means the spread of truth and justice throughout the world," said minister Dr Malki. Palestine is a test, either we succeed and the world succeeds, and if we fail it is a failure of this universe, which has abandoned its responsibilities towards a people worthy and worthy of its dignity to live free, independent and proud, the Palestinian people never accept failure, no matter how hurt, despite wounds and suffering, and despite the oppression of the brother before the A friend and a neighbor before the stranger, but it is a line of grandeur and survival despite the passage of more than seventy years of its plague, and more than a hundred years of plots to take off from his homeland. "

Minister Malki expressed his pleasure at the conference held in Istanbul with the participation of Mouloud Chaooglu, adding: The conference in Istanbul means safety, trust, support, solidarity, and brotherhood, and this place provides the firm and strong political support for our just cause, which we need at this stage of Our lives, in the face of these difficult global situations, and in the face of the international downturn in support of just causes and specifically the Palestinian issue, it becomes our priority to protect our achievements and to keep our friends and better coordination with them, the challenges grow every day, facing us today but will confront everyone tomorrow, no One is immune to these challenges alone if it is barricaded with its peers and siblings to protect its gains, rights, independence, sovereignty and future. "

Minister Dr. Malki added that we are witnessing a massive collapse of many principles, in an attempt to threaten the existing global order and the protector of our relations between US extortion and political bullying, will not stop at the end but act like an epidemic that eliminates life and beauty, on air, pollute the atmosphere and spread death, in front of this situation Unprecedented in the process of self-destruction of our global system, it is our priority to work to protect the Charter of the United Nations, to protect the multilateral international system based on laws, treaties and conventions, to protect human values and international principles that protect us, and to regroup ourselves into structures Especially protect us in front of this deadly pandemic. "

Minister Dr. Malki stressed that the fourth revolution is required here, but it is not in the process of destruction, but in the preservation of human dignity, human values, international law, sustainable development, and equitable distribution of wealth to pluralism, meaning that our revolution is to preserve our living gains, The current administration of the administration of President Donald Trump has not left, and will leave us no choice but to defend these gains by defending ourselves, defending our rights, including the right to a more just and equitable world, a world fit for an independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. Today's meeting should be a reflection on how to prevent this from happening at the level of our work on the European continent and as part of a Palestinian, Arab, Islamic, and international strategy that promotes the potential, forms alliances, and strengthens friendships, he said.

Minister Dr. Malki said: "The forces of evil come to us in different ways, and they present themselves under various names and works, including those among us in the neighborhood, beyond the vicinity and across the ocean, and what is required to be cautious and steadfast, and our focus must begin here in Europe where our scourge began and from here must start our work and end, Strongly right we also believe in the importance of setting plans, strategies and programs for everything within clear objectives, we believe in universal human values we believe in the power of man and the greatness of the international solidarity. "

For his part, Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Chaooglu stressed his country's keenness on preserving and defending the historic and legal status of Jerusalem in international fora. "Preserving the historical and legal status of Jerusalem is one of the priorities of our foreign policy, which is a sacred issue for us," said Oglu. "We will make every effort to draw the attention of the international community to the injustice in Jerusalem," he said. Israel, which continued its inhumane blockade of Gaza and was relentlessly campaigning, was feeding from violence to undermine the principle of a two-state solution. "As long as Israel has stepped up its illegal activities, we will continue to make further efforts for international peace and Justice on the Palestinian issue," he added.

The conference is to discuss Palestinian relations with European countries, and ways to garner support and support for the Palestinian cause under the leadership of the U.S. administration, through pressure and blackmail exerted on some countries to discourage them from supporting the state of Palestine in regional and international fora, and to put Mechanisms to develop prospects for Palestinian cooperation with the countries of the continent.


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