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During the work of the Human Rights Council in Geneva Malki meets with Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights
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During the work of the Human Rights Council in Geneva Malki meets with Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights

Foreign Minister Dr. Riad Malki met with Ms. Michelle Bachelet, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in Geneva on Wednesday during the 40th session of the Human Rights Council, where he congratulated her on her new post.

Malki referred to the tragic situation and the deteriorating human rights situation in Palestine because of the world's sufficiency in statements and statements rather than the serious act of Israeli colonization, the system of settlement and the Israeli occupation, which became a permanent occupation and was transformed into colonialism by the granting The American administration's immunity and impunity for Israel, and its colonial tools of occupation forces and settlers. He also mentioned  the situation in Gaza, the indifference of the international community in ending the blockade imposed for more than 13 years, and the use by some States of terms that were rejected, such as easing the blockade and not removing it, or improving the humanitarian situation, forgetting the occupation and its crimes against our people in Gaza.

Malki placed the High Commissioner in the form of conditions in the Occupied Palestinian territory, and there are ongoing war crimes, stressing the need for the High Commissioner to intervene in the face of violations against Palestinian citizens, especially children, stressing the collective punishments and what they do Israel's ongoing violations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by settlers and the special occupation police, what is happening in Bab al-Rahma, the arrests of the Governor of Jerusalem, and the national religious events of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

In conclusion, he called upon her to take the necessary steps to protect the Palestinian people through the implementation of the UN resolutions adopted by the Human Rights Council, as well as to promote the dissemination of the database to companies operating in the settlements.

In her turn, the High Commissioner has expressed her interest in all these details and has promised to follow up on her tasks, and she is paying attention to the violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian territory.


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