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Israel, the occupying Power, is deliberately and systematically targeting Palestinian children and is committing the gravest crimes against them, including killing and maiming, arrest and detention, and countless other untold traumas;

The latest of victim of Israeli brutality against Palestinian children was three-year-old Mohammed Haitham Ibrahim Tamimi from the village of Nabi Saleh;

Mohammed was shot in the head with live ammunition deliberately fired by Israeli occupying forces, which time and again prove their total disregard for Palestinian lives, including of children;

Mohammed is the 20th Palestinian child shot and killed by Israel in 2023. Another Israeli war crime against a defenseless, innocent child, with no consequences; 

Israel is not only killing Palestinian children, but is depriving them of their fundamental human rights,  hampering their access to education, forcibly displacing them from their homes, detaining and torturing them, and denying them their rights to life;
Israel deprives Palestinian children of their right to development, prosperity and dignity, in flagrant breach of every rule of humanitarian law and every norm of human decency and morality;

Israel’s crimes against Palestinian children must no go unchecked, further endangering the lives of millions of children. Israeli and Israeli political and military officials and settlers must be held accountable to the full extent of the law;

We call on the Secretary-General to immediately put Israel, the occupying Power, and its settler militias on the list of shame of parties that commit grave violations against children;

We reiterate our abiding calls on the international community to uphold its obligations and provide the Palestinian people, including children, with international protection as a matter of urgency to save human lives.

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