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Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan replaces international law
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Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan replaces international law

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the announcement by US President Donald Trump of the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan, and considers it as a continuation of the US administration's coup against the positions and policies of previous administrations, outright aggression against Arab rights, and a violation Blatant international legality and its decisions. The ministry asserts that Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan is illegitimate and groundless, and will not alter the reality of Israel's occupation of the Golan and Arab and Palestinian land in something, and that the Golan will remain an integral part of Syria's sister.


The Ministry considers the Trump's declarations and resolutions on the Palestinian issue and other Arab issues to be extremely serious, and considers them as an encroachment on the foundations of the international system and an attempt to be singled out, dominated and changed in accordance with the anachronistic colonial concepts espoused by the Trump administration. Here, the ministry explains that one of the most important pillars of the international system is the resolution of contentious issues between States through the multilateral agreements signed by the majority of the world's countries, enabling this multiple system to protect small States from the greed and domination of major powers, which Trump wants to finish. Based on a different form of international relations, he can talk to states with the logic of military greed to get all the interests he wants under the banner of America and America first, to make his hands free to do whatever he wants to bully and to be singled out violently.


The ministry warns against the dangers of this "bilateral" policy, which would destroy the global relations based on a wide range of international conventions since the end of the Second World War, so that power will be the sole regulator of those relations, not agreements, partnerships, cooperation and responsibilities. Joint and solidarity, which drives small States to seek alliances to ensure their own protection with large states, which also opens the door to the formation of military alliances based on force and the Law of the jungle as a substitute for international law. Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over occupied Jerusalem, and hence its recognition of its sovereignty over the Golan "for security reasons," represents a pre-emptive basis on which to build a future recognition of (Israeli sovereignty) over the occupied West Bank. This means that any large state has ambitions in any other country (it has the right) to swallow it or parts thereof, based on this dangerous precedent that has become part of international legislation in accordance with the American concept. This also means that no state is immune or immune to the danger and applicability of this principle at any time or any part of its territory.


The ministry asserts that this American change in the international system requires States not to wait until their role in confronting this menace, but to immediately confront the repercussions of this American policy, and to do so, small and vulnerable countries must begin to forge alliances among themselves to defend  Their interests and fortify them in harmony with major powers, and this, unfortunately, will bring us into the atmosphere of the military confrontation that the Trump administration wants originally because of its conviction that it is the first military force in the world capable of defeating any other country. If President Trump brings us back to the Middle Ages and before, he preaches a colonial regime based on power and the law of the jungle.



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