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The Israeli Judicial System Continues to Conceal Settler and Occupation Crimes
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The Israeli Judicial System Continues to Conceal Settler and Occupation Crimes

The Israeli judicial system has recently proven, once again, that it works hand in hand with the occupation forces, in aiding them to accomplish their colonization schemes. Which includes their attempts to legalize and justify all the abuse, harassment and killing of Palestinian civilians, which does not comply with local or international laws and regulations.

The injustice is clearly reflected in the report published by 'Betselem' organization for human rights, where they confirm that the Israeli military prosecution closed three investigation files concerning the murders of young Palestinian males at the hands of Israeli military soldiers. Adding into that, their attempts at covering evidence and providing a 'legal' escape by assembling mock courts to clear and announce the 'innocence' of Zionist killers.

Moreover, the Israeli military court announced the innocence of one of the soldiers who killed the young boy "Othman Rami Halas" 15 years old, last July at the Gazan border while he was peacefully marching near the border. Regardless of the videos documenting this horrendous act, yet the Israeli court claimed that there was no 'casual relationship' behind the act of the shooting and the child being shot.

The ministry confirms that these actions reflect the occupation attempts in misleading the international public opinion, the international and national courts and deluding them into thinking that they compose actual investigations for the crimes that the Israeli soldiers and settlers commit against the Palestinian people.

The cumulative aggressive Israeli acts prove the role performed by the Israeli military as an unstoppable killing machine, specifically towards Palestinian children, which obligates the United Nations secretary-general to document all Israeli crimes in security reports. The Palestinian study case initiated more than four years ago must be completed to reach definite conclusions about the war crimes performed on our people in Gaza, and the colonization policy implemented in the west bank and east Jerusalem.

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