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The State of Palestine condemns in the strongest terms Israel’s continued racial terror and open-war against the Palestinian people on all levels, including the barbaric re-enactment of the death penalty as a pretext to legitimize its annexation and entrench its apartheid regime, in violation of its obligation under international law. 
The death penalty violates the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people to life, non-discrimination, and self-determination. It is a cruel, barbaric, and inhumane bill rooted in Jewish supremacy and precisely aimed to deny the Palestinian people their right to exist and their humanity. 
As Israel continues to disproportionally and willfully kill Palestinians, now, it will arbitrarily and ceremonially put them on death rows. 
The State of Palestine warns against the dangerous repercussions of the death penalty bill and  holds Israel  fully responsible for its criminal policies and laws. 
The State of Palestine urgently calls on the international community to not only condemn but take concrete actions to pressure Israel to rescind its bill. We call on the UN and its different agencies and human rights bodies, as well as international organizations,  to take necessary measures needed to ensure the protection of the Palestinian people, expose Israel’s crimes, and hold it accountable for this grave miscarriage of justice. 
Israel’s re-enactment of death penalty is a stain on the international order that we have built  to protect peoples of the world. It is a stain on those who preach for the rule of law but continue to allow, facilitate, and embolden Israel and Israeli officials to violate the basic principles with full impunity. 
The Palestinian people will not watch as their existence is being threatened on the daily basis. The State of Palestine will not leave any stone unturned until Israel and Israeli officials are held accountable for their crimes.

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