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Press Statement

The State of Palestine holds Israel, the occupying Power, fully responsible for the life and well-being of Palestinian detainee Hisham Abu-Hawash, who has been on a hunger strike for over 140 days protesting his unlawful administrative arbitrary detention and the denial of his fundamental rights and freedom. 

As he now battles for his very survival, Hisham must receive the protection and safeguards to which he is entitled, including his right to freedom from persecution. 

The State of Palestine calls for immediate intervention by the international community and international organizations, including, the ICRC and the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, to fulfil their obligations and ensure Hisham’s protection and freedom. The State of Palestine further reiterates its demand for the release of Hisham and all Palestinian detainees. 


The occupying power employs mass incarceration as well as the weaponized and illegal use of administrative arbitrary detention as tools of persecution against the Palestinian people, including minors. 

To that end, the occupying power employs its discriminatory military courts as a brutally effective tool of persecution. These “courts” are widely recognized as a stain on the principle of justice as they do not meet any standards of fairness or due process. 

Israel’s military court system is illegal and inhumane by definition and must be dismantled.

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