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The so-called “retaliation” measures by Israel against the sovereign, legitimate, and peaceful Palestinian pursuit of justice are absolutely abominable;  the colonial occupier’s vindictive measures against the Palestinian people are a direct assault on the UNGA's request for an advisory opinion from the ICJ on the legal standing of Israel’s illegal domination over the Palestinian people and the responsibilities of states; they are an affront to the ICJ, which is at the apex of the international legal order and the minimum necessary for its maintenance. 
Palestine reaffirms that the international community has a duty to act now to protect its inherent right to seek the counsel and opinion of the ICJ; States must ensure that Israel ceases its sanctions against the Palestinian people and submit to the rules-based international order or be prepared to receive the treatment owed to pariah states.
Israel cannot tolerate accountability. It lashes out at its very suggestion. It is used to bullying its way out of any dilemma and getting away with it;  It must be confronted with unequivocal international measures that stand on principle and affirm the obligation of all states to comply with the law, including facing accountability when warranted; Israel must understand that the time for accountability is now and it is inescapable.
Palestine shall continue its pursuit of all peaceful, political, legal, and diplomatic means to realize the inalienable rights of our people to return, self-determination, and to independence and sovereignty in their State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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