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The State of Palestine strongly objects to inimical statements and tendentious attacks against the upcoming Durban Conference-World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. 

Such iniquitous calls to boycott the Conference display an alarming level of deficit in morality and expose a hypocritical approach to entrench attitudes of exceptionalism that have long aggravated the endemic racism, particularly  against people of African decent.  

It is not a coincidence that the same States that have long opposed the inclusion of acts of slavery, in its current and past manifestations, as a crime against humanity are now boycotting this year’s conference, on reparations, racial justice, and equality for people of African descent.

Such calls to boycott can only be viewed as part of the historical context, namely in the colonial legacy of some disruptive actors, to hold on to archaic and morally objectionable beliefs that reject the universality of human rights and equality.  

In this regard, the State of Palestine affirms its principled position that tackling racism and discrimination is a global responsibility and that attempts to undermine such an endeavor are inexcusable. They also run counter the global trend, in which the Palestinian people partake, rejecting all forms of racism, human rights abuses, xenophobia, and all other forms and shades of hate.

Rooted in the valiant struggle of South Africans against apartheid, the Durban Conference serves as basis for anti-racism advocacy efforts worldwide. The State of Palestine calls on all States and international organizations to attend the conference and adopt a political declaration for the full and effective implementation of its core principles and values.

The Palestinian people, whose noble struggle against Israel’s apartheid continues, consider themselves an integral component in the efforts  to combat all forms of systematic racism and discrimination. In this regard, Palestine rejects morally corrupt and politically sinister attempts to disconnect the Palestinian struggle to freedom from this global cause.  

The State of Palestine also calls on the international community to unite together to end racism and discrimination in all its forms and not dissect its many layers of pain and injustice.

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