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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: the words of Pompeo are colonial and racist with distinction
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: the words of Pompeo are colonial and racist with distinction

The Ministry considers that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statement about Netanyahu's annexation of areas in the West Bank "does not hurt" the so-called "deal of the Century", America's solemn coup d'état on international legality, its resolutions, international law, the terms of reference of the international peace process, and a rude disregard The content, content and foundations of the international system, and a strong disregard for the Arab and Islamic worlds and the countries that claim to be concerned with international legality and the two-state solution, as well as the rebellion against the policy of the former United States administrations in the Middle East. The Ministry considers that the threatening words of Pompeo are an official American recognition that the deal of the century was not designed to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in any form, but a colonial project to liquidate the Palestinian cause and an attempt to impose conditions of surrender on our people and leadership, thereby legitimizing the map The occupation interests in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, and supports and supports the ruling right wing of Israel, headed by Netanyahu, for the annexation of large parts of the West Bank. This is in addition to Pompeo bravado and claim of the century deal it's a new model that has never been tried, and this is absolutely true from the standpoint of international legality, its decisions and the policy of the former US administrations. The Ministry asserts that the new issue is that the Trump administration has accepted itself to be an integral part of the political occupation, settlement and blindly drifting behind it.


The ministry, while seriously considering the statements and generosity of the Israelites to the Israelis and their generosity at the expense of our people, their land, their rights and the future of their generations, considers Pompeo's statement and televised statements not only in support of the establishment of an abhorrent apartheid regime in occupied Palestine, but rather of racism and non-Semitism.


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