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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: The seizure Season in the Midst of Suspicious International Silence.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: The seizure Season in the Midst of Suspicious International Silence.

      With direct instructions from the political leadership in the Occupying state, decisions and confiscation orders and the seizure of more occupied Palestinian territory are accelerating in the ugly exploitation of the full American bias of the Occupying Power as a window of opportunity to complete the processes of capturing and annexing the occupied West Bank, thus closing the door to any chance of a viable and sovereign Palestinian state. The most recent of these decisions was the confiscation of 129 acres of land in the villages of Al-Dhahiriya and Al-Samou south of Hebron. The Israeli occupation forces seized 2,000 acres of the village of al-Jaba'a, southwest of Bethlehem, 243 acres of Surif, northwest of Hebron, and 66 acres of Beit Duqqa, northwest of Jerusalem. In addition, 150 acres of Beit Liqya lands west of Ramallah, in addition to the continuous attacks by settlers on Palestinian farmers and their dumping of crops with wastewater, as occurred in the southwest of Bethlehem, all amid at a number of pillars of the right to impose Israeli sovereignty and law on many areas in the occupied West Bank.

    The ministry expressed its appreciation of the EU statement on yesterday's confiscations, and further wonders: What about today's confiscations? What about the confiscations of tomorrow and the day after? It is clear that the European Union believes that by exporting this statement it exempts itself from the responsibility of being accountable under international law. It also includes all the regional groupings and without exception, and requires reactions at the level of this serious event from all countries of the world. The current orientation of the occupying power is to eliminate the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state by expediting the confiscation of hundreds or even thousands of acres in key areas in the West Bank in order to eliminate the two-state solution. These hasty Israeli measures to confiscate Palestinian land reflect a colonialist fascist hellish scheme led by the occupying power and with the full complicity of the United States of America, which provides the occupying power not only with support and encouragement, but also with protection and immunity from accountability, which makes this administration a partner in crime that is committed daily against the Palestinian people. The silence of the international community and its fear of criticism of the occupying Power also make it a partner in crime. What is required to embarrass this state is its silence on this crime and its accountability by human rights organizations, civil society and parties. The media should also uncover the state of protection that the Trump administration provides to these daily crimes against our people, their land, their sanctities and their property. The current orientation of the policy of the occupying power is to liquidate the Palestinian cause and prevent the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state on the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. This is what the occupation is about to finish. What are we doing?

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