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Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: On the Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Our Leadership Terminates the Second (Balfour) Declaration
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Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: On the Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Our Leadership Terminates the Second (Balfour) Declaration

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, where history has not changed but it’s repeating itself.  Trump, Kushner, Greenblatt, Friedman's promise of post-Balfour that parallels the Balfour Declaration with its dangerousness. A promise that ends Palestinian hope and destroys the right and establishment of the state. A promise that translates the Balfour Declaration practically and achieves its goals that aim at the survival of the Palestinian people as a minority living in the hands of the Jewish state. The new promise, the Balfour II promise, depends mainly on the elements of the former a hundred and two years old promise, which relied back then on the British and European support. Nowadays, Israel relies on American support to embrace the promise and establish it with all the hatred and possible political immorality.

Role-sharing, ascension, and Zionism compose the platform of governance in America. It is as if history is repeating itself, in disregard of the Palestinian right and utterly ignoring it, in the absence of any Arab or Islamic ability to defend this right, with a small group motivated by Zionist affiliation regardless of religion, to serve the whole Zionist vision in Palestine at all costs as reflected on the situation in the region and its stability. The conscious Palestinian leadership is ready to face this promise at all costs, along with a popular and partisan readiness to walk behind this leadership not only in its rejection of the Balfour II promise but also to assume the historical responsibility in confronting it.

We must benefit from the first experience in order to succeed in fighting the second, it is necessary to draw clear and underlying lessons that we concluded as a result of the Balfour Declaration in 1917, so that we can prepare the capabilities and possibilities available to overcome the second Balfour Declaration.

 So far, we firmly believe that our courageous leadership has succeeded in thwarting all American-Israeli attempts to impose a new promise, the deal of the century, on our people, even failing the ability of those who tamper with our rights to announce that deal, and the tender has become the word of the hour among world leaders. On this anniversary, what is required is the unity behind this courageous, responsible and bold national leadership represented by our President Mahmoud Abbas in completing that confrontation, and providing it with the strength, determination and support needed to continue its challenge in the face of the American-Israeli attempts to defeat of our rights.


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