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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: Israeli society's silence on the crimes of occupation does not help build bridges of peace
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates: Israeli society's silence on the crimes of occupation does not help build bridges of peace

    In the past few days, the field executions committed by the occupying forces and its various organs against our people, the latest of which were the execution of three martyrs in Gaza, Hebron and Salfit, have escalated with flimsy pretexts and excuses that the occupation authorities and their media have used to launch as a ready-made and premeditated recipe for use far Every field execution of a Palestinian citizen. The increasing number of such operations reaffirms that the occupying forces and their elements have become mobile killing machines that give rise to Palestinian lives, wherever they may be, and with clear instructions from the political and military level of the occupying Power.

The ministry, in the strongest terms, condemns the execution of the martyrs: Musa Mohammed Abdulkreem Musa, 21, from Deir el-Balah, Yasser Fawzi al-Shawiki, 41, from Hebron, and Cheb Mohammed Jamil Shahin, 23, from Salfit, renews her warning against dealing with cases of field executions and extrajudicial killings The occupation authorities have used them as numbers or as familiar and usual things to pass unnoticed, without stopping at their tragic proportions and the suffering of Palestinian families as a result of the loss of their children. The Ministry wonders if Israeli society is aware of the daily crimes committed by its political and military institutions against Palestinian citizens. If they are aware, what are their real reactions to the direction of those violations that rise to the level of crimes against humanity? Are they aware of the dangers ? As for the international community, we no longer have what we demand, in the face of silent silence and serious indifference, to intervene in the field of collusion and to abandon its moral and legal responsibilities towards the suffering of our people. The Ministry demands that human rights institutions and associations quickly document the details of these crimes in order to bring them before the competent international tribunals, in particular the International Criminal Court.

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