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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: A Plan of Action to Confront the Ambitions of the Occupation in the Occupied West Bank
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: A Plan of Action to Confront the Ambitions of the Occupation in the Occupied West Bank

The occupation state and its institutions are accelerating the implementations of their expansionist colonial plans aimed at resolving the future of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people unilaterally and by force, in a manner that ensures dealing with the Palestinian issue as a population issue. The essence of the conflict is the issue of people living under foreign occupation, demanding their right of self-determination, like other people, and seeking to achieve their just national rights as recognized by international legitimacy and resolutions. The occupying Power practices a long series of colonial measures to implement these expansionist plans within three circles: dealing with the Gaza Strip, which is based on its complete separation from the West Bank and waging more destructive wars to remain under siege and cause more economic destruction. In addition to dealing differently with the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which is to escalate the gradual theft of Palestinian land and allocating it for the benefit of settlements and Judaization and this explains the massive and consecutive seizure of large areas in the vicinity of Jerusalem and various parts of the West Bank.

Yesterday, the Israeli authority confiscated land in Ram and Beit Hanina, and the confiscation of 500 acres of the land of Hizma, as well as the confiscation of 124 acres of the lands of the villages of Majdal Bani Fadel and Douma south of Nablus to establish a massive settlement in that area, and the transformation of Palestinian cities and towns into mere separate communities, it is used as a reservoir of Palestinian labor under an abhorrent apartheid regime. These plans meet with the third circle, which is the open war of occupation on Palestinian citizens and their holy sites and property in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which we have seen in the violent episodes in the practices of the occupation and its continued aggression on the town of Issawiya, and attacks by settler armed militias against olive pickers along the West Bank as the Israeli occupation forces threatened farmers to summon settler gangs to force them out if they insisted on staying in their lands. The settlers set up tents inside the lands of Jayyous.

In the face of all these challenges, the Palestinian leadership is working to translate a clear plan of action on daily basis through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expatriates and many institutions and through contacts and follow-up with the region and the international community. This plan evolves in parallel with developments on the ground despite our knowledge of its components. The ministry also continues to strengthen Palestinian diplomatic successes to ensure broader external support and international readiness to protect the legitimate Palestinian right to their land, holy sites, and homeland and state. In the face of this ferocious and systematic attack on the occupation and its tools, it is imperative that we activate all the tools of mobility and all the relations in favor of providing international protection for our people until the moment of freedom and independence.


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