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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: the spread of the mentality of occupation excludes peace and the so-called "deal of the century" of the Israeli election
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: the spread of the mentality of occupation excludes peace and the so-called "deal of the century" of the Israeli election


The statement of the US Secretary Mike Pompeu on (discussing parts of the deal of the century with several countries in the Middle East, and that the Trump administration will resume its efforts to bring peace immediately after the Israeli elections), finds no echo on the political scene in the occupying Power, which Confirmed by our follow-up to the climates and atmosphere associated with the electoral in Israel, and the accompanying concepts traded on the exchange of interests of politicians and competing parties, mainly focused on upholding the mentality of power, extremism and racism, marketed in electoral propaganda as a basis for fortifying and raise the level of immunity of the occupying Power, as a substitute for the legality of international law, covenants, charters and lofty humanitarian principles, to the extent that the players on the Israeli electoral track boast of their extremism and hostility to the Palestinians. At the same time, we see a deliberate invisibility of the peace process and its exclusion from the current state of controversy, which demonstrates the spread of extremism and racism within Israeli society and its control over the joints of the occupying Power. The invisibility and lack of recognition by Israeli officials of the occupation of another people, the usurpation of their homeland, the denial of their national and fundamental rights, and the absence of any Israeli comment or position on the formulas that are being traded by the United States on the "future century deal" are clear Israeli disregard for international law and legality, The so-called U.S. (efforts) to (bring peace) between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

      The Ministry affirms that extremism, racism, adherence to occupation, settlement and denial of the rights of our people, the terms of reference of the international peace process, and the absolute American bias of the occupation and settlement system, place additional burdens and responsibilities on the international community, the United Nations and its international institutions, as well as States that claim to be keen to achieve peace on the basis of a two-state solution, which requires, above all, a genuine activation of the international front, which believes in political solutions to the conflict in accordance with international legitimacy and its resolutions, by embracing the initiative of President Mahmoud Abbas put before the Security Council in February of last year, through the establishment of mechanisms to implement them, ensuring peace and preserving the remaining credibility of the international system.     

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