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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: The Escalation of Provocative Attacks in Jerusalem Reflects the Failure of the Occupation to Judaize It
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: The Escalation of Provocative Attacks in Jerusalem Reflects the Failure of the Occupation to Judaize It


     The occupying Power and the Jerusalem occupation municipality and the ruling right-wing in Israel, continue to escalate their actions and their colonialist and colonial measures in Occupied East Jerusalem and its environs, and to practice a long series of provocative moves, considering that they may indeed prove or impose A reality that is consistent with the interests of the occupation and its expansionist orientations.

Since its occupation of Jerusalem and the subsequent announcement of its annexation, the occupying Power has been making strenuous and desperate efforts to complete the Judaization of the Holy city, and every time it believes it has succeeded, it has quickly discovered that Jerusalem, with its monuments and its inhabitants, is an authentic Christian Arab. This is in addition to the constant attempts to change its historical and legal reality through arbitrary colonial actions, from demolishing all that is Palestinian and building to all that is Jewish, to give the impression that the city is a Jewish but the holy city remains impervious to Judaization, it is still breathing its nationalism and its religious and historical cultural identity.


The Ministry is condemning in the strongest terms the continuing judaization of the holy city and the provocative attacks by Israeli officials, the Ministry affirms that the occupation measures against the holy City are unfounded and are fleeting and do not affect the reality of the situation in Jerusalem, which also applies,  to the provocative tour of the Israeli minister "Rijaf", where she tried to give herself and her Zionist guest "bar" a sense of the possession of the old town by force of arms and for several minutes, and with its exit the city returned to its original owners, as the extremist "Glick" if he think that getting married there  will impose A new reality on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and here the Ministry will consult the legal experts to determine how to react to this illegal conduct, which contradicts the situation in the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and the sacred places, which are binding on all of the occupation.

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