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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: occupation forages from disregard from the international community for its crimes.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriate: occupation forages from disregard from the international community for its crimes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the approval of the so-called "Local Planning and Construction Committee" in the Jerusalem occupation municipality yesterday on a plan to construct 13 settlement units west of Sheikh Jarrah in the north of the city, accompanied by forced displacement and forcible eviction of Palestinian citizens from that area. It also condemns the Israeli plan to seize more than 1,000 dunums in Khalat Abd southeastern Jerusalem and to make a settlement road from Al-Quds University Stadium in the town of Abu Dis to link the settlements. The Ministry strongly condemns the occupation forces ' uprooting hundreds of olive trees and sweeping large tracts of cultivated land in the village of Bardala, north of Tubas, in the northern Jordan Valley.

In a related context, the ruling right and its leaders continue to exploit the electoral race in the occupying Power to impose their obscurantist ideology and plans to deepen and expand settlement in the Palestinian territory over the programmes of the bloc and the electoral parties, to escalate the looting and judaization of the Palestinian land. Especially in occupied East Jerusalem and its surroundings, and in all areas classified as "C", which constitute the majority of the occupied West Bank, where dozens of ministers and members of the Knesset from various right-wing parties signed a document initiated by an extremist right movement, through which they pledged to work on the settlement of 2 million Jews in the West Bank occupied western territories. At a time when the Israeli leftist association "IR Amim", which is active in Jerusalem settlement monitoring, has uncovered data that confirms a marked increase in the pace of construction of settlement units in occupied Jerusalem over the past year, and also a marked rise in the number of houses demolished by the occupation authorities.

The ministry holds the Israeli Government fully and directly responsible for the consequences and consequences of the process of deepening the settlement and Judaization of the territory of the State of Palestine, and considers it as a crime in the meaning of the word in accordance with international law, international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions. All this is done at a time when the international community is failing in its responsibilities by completely ignoring the nature of the crimes being committed by the occupying Power against the Palestinian citizen, his land, his economies, his crops, his life and his future. In the face of the unjustified silence of states that do not stop demanding and advocating international justice, respect for international law and the rule of law, and the right of peoples to self-determination, we see this fascist Israeli injustice trying to eliminate the Palestinian dream and the ongoing Palestinian effort to establish a state Independent Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital. The responsibilities of States do not change with each particular state or country, and States ' obligations exist as long as they are needed. Palestine is the most striking situation in terms of the horror of the occupation, its crimes and its violations, which is the weakest situation in terms of States ' assuming their responsibilities and obligations.

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