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Ambassador Gado warns of the Judaization of Jerusalem and the West Bank plans known as Plan 2020
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Ambassador Gado warns of the Judaization of Jerusalem and the West Bank plans known as Plan 2020

The Assistant of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates for European affairs, Ambassador Dr. Amal Jado, received Thursday at the ministry's headquarters in the city of Ramallah, the Spanish envoy for the Middle East and Mediterranean affairs, Ambassador Alfonso Lofeeni and his entourage, where Ambassador Jadu began the meeting with briefing  the delegation on the whole tragic and dangerous situations. Also how  The occupying Power, is imposing further closures on the West Bank and to turn them into separate cantons in an effort to implement a system of separation Apartheid in the population, as well as the invasion of Palestinian cities during the past weeks during the day and night in an attempt to undermine stability and security and drag the region into direct confrontation with the occupation, and to the continuation of Zionist colonial settlement in the length and width of the occupied Palestinian Territory in A flagrant defiance of all international covenants and conventions and the calls of the United Nations to stop it, and the reflection of the principle of the two-state solution that Israel is trying, through its various activities and with the blessing of the United States, in addition to the daily violations of the Islamic and Christian holy shrines in Jerusalem, specifically the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and It is witnessing daily incursions by the herds of extremist settlers under the protection and guarding of the Israeli occupation police, and the continued demolition of houses in Jerusalem under pretexts and flimsy laws aimed at clearing the city and emptying it of its inhabitants and indigenous people and Judaizing it, warning of the 2020 plan to Housing a million settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

"Any peace plan that does not include the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders will be doomed to failure," Dr. Jado said. Stressing that President Trump's decision to recognize West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to transfer the embassy to it has contributed to perpetuating occupation and settlement and further harming the future of the peace process in the region as a whole, considering that Jerusalem is one of the final status issues between the two sides, stressing that this step Preemptively pushed Israel to act on all resolutions of international legality, international law and international humanitarian law and gave the green light to devour more Palestinian land in favour of colonial projects, and talking about a century deal is just a "waste of time", stressing that "doomed to failure," pointing out The United States cannot remain a sole sponsor of the peace process, and its role must be part of a major international effort that prioritizes the implementation of the resolutions of international legitimacy that are relevant to the Palestinian cause and that the Palestinians themselves represent themselves.

Ambassador Alfonso Lothieni reiterated his country's support for reviving the peace process between the two sides based on international resolutions and the principle of a two-state solution, arguing that continued settlement construction undermines the chances of trust between the two sides.


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