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Minister Dr. Malki participates in the meetings of the fifth session of the Arab-Russian Cooperation forum in Moscow
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Minister Dr. Malki participates in the meetings of the fifth session of the Arab-Russian Cooperation forum in Moscow

H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki participated in the meetings of the fifth session of the Forum for Arab-Russian cooperation held in the Russian capital Moscow, in the presence of the foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Russia Sergey Lavrov, and the Secretary-General The League of Arab States, Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and the Chairman of the current session of the Council of the Arab League at the ministerial level, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Ahmed Issa Awad.

At the beginning of his speech, Malki thanked and valued the friendly Federal Republic of Russia, the President, the Government and the people, for the hospitality and reception, and the good arrangement of the meetings of the fifth session of the Forum for Arab-Russian cooperation, wishing to succeed in the work of this session and achieve its goals in To promote Arab-Russian cooperation and coordination for the good and benefit of the parties to this forum and the security, stability and prosperity of our region and the world.

Malki praised the historic Russian positions in support of, and support for, the Palestinian people, their just cause and their inalienable legitimate rights, and the positions of the Russian Government on that Covenant continue to uphold the resolutions of the United Nations and international law, as a sound path and legitimate reference, for the attainment of rights and the resolution The Arab-Israeli conflict.


"Almost three decades ago, the Palestinian people and their leadership took a historic decision to enter the political process aimed at resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict and achieving a lasting, just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East on a sustainable basis that would provide the Palestinian people with their right to self-determination," Dr. Malki added. The establishment of an independent and sovereign State with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the fourth lines of June 1967, and the right of the Palestine refugees to compensation and return to their homes, in accordance with the relevant United Nations resolutions. At that time, we have already made a heavy and painful price for living in peace, security and stability side by side with the Israelis. But the long years of the peace process have revealed the reality of Israeli intentions in this process. While our goal was to achieve peace, successive Israeli governments have been aiming to stall, procrastinate and win years in order to apply systematic colonial plans and policies to perpetuate settlement, to swallow our land, Plunder our riches and our fortunes, obliterate our identity and culture, and judaize our sacred. In continuation of the Arab commitment to peace as a strategic option, the Beirut Arab Summit in 2002 adopted the Arab Peace Initiative, which provided for the end of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian and Arab territories occupied in 1967, the establishment of an independent State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, and a just and agreed solution For Palestinian refugees in accordance with United Nations resolutions, and then normal relations between Arab States and Israel could be established. We therefore reaffirm the resolutions of the Arab summits, the most recent of which is the Tunis Summit, that the reverse implementation of the Arab peace initiative from the ground up is totally unacceptable and cannot provide a valid equation for peace, but it will lead us only to other years of conflict and tension. "


In the same vein, Malki stated that the Palestinian leadership highly valued the initiative of President Putin by inviting Palestinian and Israeli leaders to meet in Moscow without preconditions, in the interest of supporting stability and security in the Middle East region, and we welcome the Russian Federation's role in any initiative or A future peace process within an international multilateral framework.

Malki reviewed the practices of Israel, the occupying Power in Jerusalem, saying, "We have come to you from Jerusalem, the land of Israa and Miraj, the Cradle of Christ (peace be upon him), our city and our cultural and religious heritage, the city of Peace, which has not enjoyed peace, the town where policies continue and escalate daily. Israel aimed at changing its identity, culture and Arab character, through the practices of colonization, murder, arrest, falsification and Judaization, in which its Jerusalemites suffer the scourges of living, withdrawing identities, demolishing houses, stifling natural growth and attempts at displacement, and violating the sacred It is abused on a daily basis, undermining the freedom of worship, and we have warned and are still wary of Israeli attempts to divide the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in time and space, and the disastrous effects of these Israeli policies and plans on security and stability in the region and the world. "


He also referred to the difficult living conditions in the Gaza Strip because of the continued Israeli siege and aggression, the killing of civilians, the diversion of children's dreams into nightmares and the destruction of all forms of life, including homes, economic installations and infrastructure. That is what the International Commission of Inquiry emanating from the Human Rights Council has categorized as a rise to war crimes and crimes against humanity. In addition to the escalation of Israeli colonial settlement in the West Bank and the rise of our land and property, where we are witnessing and witnessing the world at the time of the announcement of the construction of thousands of colonial settlement units, within the systematic plans and policies of occupation aimed at eliminating the possibility of a Palestinian state Geographically continuous, thus eliminating the chances and hopes for peace and the two-state solution.


In his speech, Malki touched on the suffering of the heroic prisoners in the Israeli jails, saying, "We come to carry the suffering of 6,000 Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation jails, a large part of them in the meantime fighting the empty intestine (hunger strike) in defense of their rights under international law And the Geneva Conventions, which are systematically violated by the occupation authorities, and which carry out inhuman punishments and procedures against prisoners, the most recent being the installation of jamming devices with serious implications for the health and lives of Palestinian prisoners. The occupation authorities are embarking on numerous racist laws against prisoners and their cause, the latest of which was the false law that enabled the Israeli Government to steal the allowances of the families of Martyrs, prisoners and wounded, and led to a suffocating financial blockade that has lost the Palestinian government to about 60% of its funds and resources, which are called Clearing funds ".


Malki pointed to the sufferings of 6 million Palestinian refugees in the camps and the diaspora, who have been waiting for more than 70 years to exercise their right to compensation and return to their homes and homes from which they have been abandoned. He said he would not cancel the right to return a decision from here or there, drying up the resources of the UN Relief and Works Agency-UNRWA-or the so-called novelty of redefining the Palestinian refugee.

Malki called for the need to provide international protection to the Palestinian people in all sectors, protect their property and natural resources and guarantee their fundamental rights, especially their right to life, and called for the international community to remain silent by working to provide international protection within the framework of the resolutions of the system The UN recently.


Malki asserted that the Israeli crimes and violations would not have taken place in such a broad way, and that they would be beaten with international resolutions and laws, without two things: first, the international community's failure to curb the crimes and violations of Israel, the occupying Power, and not to treat it with seriousness and sufficient mechanism with the Of Israel is outside the scope of international laws and norms. The second is the immunity and protection provided by the United States Administration to the crimes and practices of the Israeli Government, and has made it evade accountability and punishment so far.

Malki added that the US administration has exerted pressure on the Palestinian people and their leadership, which is burdened by the great powers, where we witnessed and watched the series of violations by President Trump's administration of our rights, sacred and identity, in the interest of perpetuating and supporting the Israeli occupation, which began with the recognition of the administration Of America in Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the occupying Power, and urged States to follow this step, which poses a serious threat to global security and stability, through the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem in memory of the Palestinian people, the closure of the PLO mission in Washington, and the discontinuation of funding for the agency UNRWA, cutting off U.S. aid and commitments to peace, and then merging the consulate with the US embassy in Jerusalem, and encouraging the separation of Gaza from the occupied Palestinian territory.


In the same vein, Malki said, "despite the international community's rejection of these illegal unilateral decisions and actions of the United States, President Trump has again come back to strike a strong blow to international law and violate the UN Charter and the resolutions of international legitimacy, through recognition by the US administration of the month The past with Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, where we have witnessed and seen once again that the United States Administration, which does not have, has given the Israeli Government that it does not deserve. The next is greater if Netanyahu implements his pledge to include large portions of the West Bank in exchange for his immunity law, and the US administration's readiness to immediately recognize the annexation.


Minister Malki stressed that the current United States administration's unprecedented breaches of international law, the Charter of the United Nations and its resolutions, and successive withdrawals of international treaties and conventions, are a further destruction of the international system, its morality and its norms. Such flagrant violations perpetuate precedents that encourage such dangerous behavior and would expose international peace and security to a real strategic threat, adding that international laws and norms that are flouted by the United States Administration and are being displayed in the wall are the rules that maintain the minimum Peace, security and stability in our world. Is it appropriate for a permanent member of the Security Council, responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security, to violate the resolutions of this Council and to engage in acts and behaviour that threaten peace and security in the world?! Is it appropriate for a permanent member of the Security Council to foment religious sentiments and conflicts, to disregard the cultures and civilizations of nations and to distribute their heritage and property to the colonial power of occupation?! Why is this happening, in the name of who?

Al-Malki said, with all this and the team of President Trump still claiming to be doing the so-called century deal. What peace they are talking about, what they will sell and what they will buy in this deal, and we are witnessing and seeing this systematic demolition by the American administration of the foundations and opportunities for a just peace, security and stability in the region and the world. On this occasion, we warn that the coming days and months will bring bad news about the continuation of the series of the alleged century deal. It began handing Jerusalem over to Israel, and it seems to be ending with the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over large portions of the occupied West Bank, as demanded by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.


In his speech, Malki  also stated that the Arab nation, with its cultural and religious components, Islamic and Christian, respected and diversified nations and civilizations, our faith in the dialogue of civilizations and not in their struggle, and we also believe that this world accommodates all of us of all races and faiths, but we do not and will not accept that Our rights and our sanctities are violated in the name of ideological ideas and arrogant doctrines, which believe that a faction of people must prevail over another faction. The world must not remain silent about the invisibility of the right of the Palestinian people and the violation of their land, sanctities and culture. The international community must maintain reasonable standards of morality and principles and uphold the law and the resolutions of international legitimacy.


Malki stressed that we look at this forum, which brings together the Arab countries of the Federal Republic of Russia, as an appropriate platform for cooperation with the influential forces in this world, to restore the balance that the American administration has breached, and to redress the international law broken by the recent American resolutions, hello The role played by our trusted partner, the Federal Republic of Russia, in reviving the opportunities for peace, as we look to friendly Russia and other partners such as the European Union, to play an active role in the establishment of a multilateral international mechanism, under the umbrella of the United Nations, to launch a truly meaningful peace process, based on Agreed international terms of reference, time-bound and effective follow-up, leading to an end to the Israeli occupation, leading to peace and stability in the region and the world, just as stated in President Mahmoud Abbas's peace initiative and announced in his address to the Security Council on February 20 Last year.


Minister Malki reaffirmed that any peace deal or initiative that is not based on agreed international terms of reference and does not deal with all issues of permanent status in a fair manner, is rejected and will not succeed, as confirmed by the resolutions of the Arab summits, the latest of which was the Tunis Summit last month, and the summit of Jerusalem held in Saudi Arabia, last year.

In conclusion, Malki asserted that the great struggling Palestinian people, who believe in the fairness of his cause and with the support of his brothers and friends, will remain steadfast in his land, the lands of his fathers and ancestors, and will remain in it as a rock that breaks all illusions and sinister designs. We assure the whole world, to the far and wide, to the enemy and the friend that the Palestinian people still possess the pen that gives legitimacy to peace in their land, and still owns the Mulberry leaf that has covered the awrah of biased reactionary forces. Justice in this world will continue to be flawed and imperfect, so that the Palestinian people can attain their legitimate and inalienable rights. In the face of all these challenges, we will witness a Palestinian movement, political and diplomatic, in the coming days and weeks to explain all this, and to put the international community before its responsibilities, before the Palestinian leadership takes important and irreversible steps, which will change the course of the current political situation, protecting Of the Palestinian national Project and the rights of our people to self-determination, their freedom and their independent state.


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