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Malki:  We reject US threats to the ICC, and we will defend them
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Malki: We reject US threats to the ICC, and we will defend them

Dr. Riad Malki, Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates of the State of Palestine, expressed his strong rejection of the threats issued by the US Administration against the ICC, its judges and its staff, and called on the international community to condemn these threats and take positions against it, considering the repeated American warnings Of the International Criminal Court is a threat to the international multilateral system and to all institutions of international law, in particular international criminal justice, calling on the International Criminal Court and its members to take clear positions to maintain the independence and complementarity of the work of the Court, including through a private meeting Of the Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court as soon as possible to discuss the issue of threats and their impact on the tools of international justice.


Malki asserted that these threats are part of the ongoing coverage of the crimes committed by Israel, the occupying Power, and with the support of the United States Administration, because these institutions are working to hold accountable and hold war criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity, and because the court Is one of the most important institutions not subject to the American Vietnamese, and is subject only to the integrity and independence of the Prosecutor and the judges of the Court.


Minister Dr. Malki stressed the need for collective preservation of the ICC, as an independent, transparent and credible institution, and as the most important institution of international criminal justice, as a true refuge for victims, people who have been subjected to crimes, violence and terrorism, one of the most important ways of redress Victims of crimes, including those committed by foreign occupation forces, in particular the Israeli-colonial occupation, which commits crimes using the United States weapon, and political support from the current United States Administration, which engages in bullying against the international system, and now exercises it against one of Principal institutions of international law, international Criminal Court,


Minister Dr. Malki called on the current US administration to stop these immoral practices, saying: "The modern world will not accept the undermining of its multilateral system of action, the rule-based international order, nor will it tolerate bullying, bullying and American bullying against any of the institutions International legitimacy. "The State of Palestine will stand side by side with all nations to defend international justice and its institutions, foremost among which is the International Criminal Court," he said.


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